Design Inspiration for Your Modern Office Reception Space

Design Inspiration for Your Modern Office Reception Space

Responsibility for selecting design elements for your office reception area can be filled with much uncertainty for the do-it-yourself office designer. You have things to consider: flooring, what to do with walls, which furniture to buy, which lighting to choose, and even which color scheme to select. Putting it all together is enough to rattle your brain. Whether you feel challenged or inspired, few things bring your reception area together like a cool reception desk, lighting, and art.

Modern Office Reception Space

In reality, your workspace reception area is a hospitality area. Think of it as a merger between creating a homelike experience for your guests and attracting them to your business. By taking a close look at your reception space and connecting with how you feel, you (and other do-it-yourselfers) can find a starting place. Create a balance between useful, purposeful things and a feel-at-home environment. Items left over from home, such as dated magazines, furniture, and sentimental items, can distract from a guest’s ability to feel at home.

Modern Office Reception Space

The two best design investments for your modern reception area are original art and a reception desk that makes a statement. Art will tend to keep its value, while a reception desk sets the tone for the space. 

It’s all about the details. Little things make a big difference in how your reception area looks and feels: doorknobs, furniture pulls, handles on cabinets, and other small elements speak to quality and thought.

Modern Office reception space

Because it’s where your visitors start their experience with your company, your reception area sets an expectation for what’s next. While all workspaces in your office should be inviting, comfortable, and reflective of your business essence, your reception area offers the greatest psychological value to your customers’ journey.

Key elements that should not be forgotten in your reception space design include lighting details that are functional and dramatize room areas. Pillows for seating can add interest to your space, along with a splash of bold color.

Let’s not forget: even as you create a comfortable experience for your guests, this is your business. And your business attributes should shine through your design scheme without overpowering the look and feel of your space. Showcase key features and provide ideas, information, and inspiration about your industry, product creation, and details that will be exciting for your visitors to know. Assist and inspire them in some valuable way.

Give your customers ideas; show them pictures of cool, interesting ways your product or services can be used; create a gallery; offer a tabletop book; show an interesting video; or create something of value with which they will want to leave.

The reception-area experience you offer is all about your visitor. How can you blow them away with your design, comfort, hospitality, creative talent, and thought-provoking ideas?

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