90 Degree Office Concepts has created a simplistic permanent freight rate system which guarantees your freight cost before shipping.

Your freight rate will be set in place based upon two factors: 1) zone or region being shipped to 2) the percentage of your total list price of your order.

On the chart below, locate the region you want to ship to, multiply the amount of your order by the percentage indicated specific to that region.

The guaranteed freight rate will be included on your sales order and/or invoice and must be prepaid. A least possible charge of $170.00 net per shipment will apply for all products except conference tables and case goods.

A minimum charge of $200.00 net per shipment will be applied for all reception stations, conference tables and case goods.

All merchandise will be shipped either in a carton or crate.

Charges will be for “NORMAL DELIVERY TO THE DOCK OR AT TRUCK ONLY”. Freight companies are not responsible to deliver your order into your home or office.

Freight that is requested to be delivered inside, redelivery, storage charges that may be incurred when freight remains with carrier when freight is not received timely, are all extra charges.

90 Degree Office Concepts is not responsible for delays in shipments.

90 Degree Office Concepts is not responsible for damages to customer’s property.

A request to “CALL BEFORE Delivery” will incur an added charge of $50.

The title of all goods will change when merchandise leaves 90 Degree Office Concepts’ loading dock. Any succeeding damage to products and all freight claims are the obligation of the procurer. 90 Degree Office Concepts will not be responsible for building rules, conditions or time of deliveries where freight is to be delivered.

All products should be inspected at time of delivery for any external damage. You must either refuse any deliveries with shortages and/or external damage or mark bill of “DAMAGED OR SHORTAGE”. When you sign off, for your delivery you are indicating you are accepting quantity of pieces and condition of delivery. Remember you have accepted title and are responsible for what you are signing for. 90 Degree Office Concepts will not be responsible for unauthorized returns. Any returns must have an authorization number.

Defective parts that have been reported to us within 14 days of receipt of order will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of 90 Degree Office Concepts.

Photos of all items are emailed to customers before shipping.

All shipments should be opened ASAP and inspected for damage. Should you discover internal damage, contact your freight carrier right away.

Applicable sales tax will applied to any and all shipments within the state of Florida Canadian Zones: A minimum charge of $150.00 net per shipment will apply. Rates do not include GST, HST or QST Taxes. Alberta – 10% British Columbia – 12% Manitoba – 10% New Brunswick – 12% Newfoundland and Labrador – 12% Northwest Territory – 15% Nova Scotia – 12% Nunavut – 15% Ontario – 9% Prince Edward Island – 12% Quebec – 10% Saskatchewan – 10% Yukon – 15%

Prepaid Freight Platform; Zones

Zone 1 (9%) Zone 2 (6%) Zone 3 (7%) Zone 4 (8%) Zone 5 (10%) Tennessee, Connecticut, Arkansas,, Illinois, Maine, Colorado, California, Michigan, Florida, Massachusetts, Iowa, Idaho, Georgia, New Hampshire, Kansas, Montana, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Louisiana, Nevada, Maryland, New York, Minnesota, Oregon Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Utah, N/S Carolina, Rhode Island, N/S Dakota, Washington, Vermont, Nebraska and Wyoming Indiana Arizona Delaware Ohio, Kentucky and Alabama

Shipping Zones