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Does Your Office Design Lie About Who You Are?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Are You Being Honesst?

I’ve heard it said: the average person lies three times per ten minute conversation. It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife from Duluth, a school teacher from Vermont or a little old lady from Kansas. Find that staggering? Don’t!  It’s true.

Studies show we lie to everyone, 86% to parents, 75% to friends, 69% to spouses and 40% on resumes. Now when it comes to online dating, estimates say an unimaginable 90% of people lie on their profiles. Does that dilute your faith in humanity?

Workplace designs tell the tru...

What is Office Design Optimization (ODO)? And How Not Having it Can Affect Your Business

ODO is a workplace design discipline dedicated to organizing your business for growth by streamlining processes, employing proper tools and utilizing visual mental aids to formulate internal results. ODO incorporates both technical and creative elements required to improve process, drive performance, and increase a unified awareness for production. There are many aspects to ODO, from the words on your wall to the way office furniture links to the overall process. Sometimes ODO is simply a matter of making sure your workplace is structured in a ...