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What is Office Design Optimization (ODO)? And How Not Having it Can Affect Your Business

ODO is a workplace design discipline dedicated to organizing your business for growth by streamlining processes, employing proper tools and utilizing visual mental aids to formulate internal results. ODO incorporates both technical and creative elements required to improve process, drive performance, and increase a unified awareness for production. There are many aspects to ODO, from the words on your wall to the way office furniture links to the overall process. Sometimes ODO is simply a matter of making sure your workplace is structured in a ...

How Should You Layout Your Office Reception Space?

 shoe to hammer

Have you ever tried using a shoe to hammer a nail into a wall? While on one hand you may get the nail into the wall, on the other hand, you may smash your fingers, damage the wall or possibly mess up your shoe.

Laying out the best plan and tools for the job will certainly yield better results most of the time. 

The Importance of Using the Right Tools

Use the best tools and configuration

When laying out the best tools and configuration for your office reception area, arrange furniture in a manner that best serves the visitor and usage of t...