Delivery Information

Our goal in shipping is simple-to help you get the exact modern office furniture you envision. To do that, a set method in place works perfectly when followed. 


When your modern office furniture is completed:

  • We do a photo inspection for you to approve. We set up your furniture as it will be assembled in your office. We photograph every square inch and await your approval.
  • Upon your approval, we will build a custom crate to fully protect the furniture in transit.
  • We photograph the crate to demonstrate to anyone asking about the departing condition.
  • The crate is weighed and measured for pick up from a reputable common carrier.
  • After your shipment is picked up by the carrier, you will receive an email with the carrier's name, pro number, and instructions to follow when receiving your furniture.
  • If the client opts out of White Glove Service, we will ship the crate directly to your requested shipping location.


  • Clients who do not opt-in for White Glove Service will be responsible for receiving the furniture at the truck. They must inspect the crate's exterior to ensure it is in the same condition as on departure. DO NOT SIGN FOR DAMAGED CRATES UNLESS YOU MARK THE BILL OF LADING "RECEIVED DAMAGED" and contact 90 DOC during or immediately after receipt of furniture – call 954-801-9920.
  • Within 24 hours of receipt, ALL deliveries must be opened and inspected. Any potential damage claims are forfeited after that.
  • Any damage to furniture caused in transit must be photographed and reported to 90DOC before removal from the crate. Often, damage occurs when unqualified movers remove the furniture from the crate. The 90 DOC replacement/repair provision will not cover damage caused while uncrating and moving the furniture.

General Information

  • 90 DOC will repair, replace, or compensate for any freight damage when handled according to the above procedure.
  • All furniture will ship either pre-assembled or as close as possible without making (in our opinion) delivery too cumbersome. For that reason, some assembly may be required.
  • White Glove Service includes shipping your modern office furniture to our local rep. They will receive, inspect, deliver, install, remove, and dispose of debris. Please talk to your 90 DOC office profession to get a quote.