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Targeting an Effective Design Theme for your Modern Office Reception Area

Why is a design theme a challenge?

Effective Design Themes

Targeting a design theme for your reception area is pretty much like beginning to design a marketing strategy for your business. For an office reception area (like marketing copy) to be more than just beautiful design content, targeting the design theme to the audience is an important first step. While we all think of marketing to get customers attracted to our business, few consider continuing the attraction process once we have them at our workplace.

A targeted design theme helps to internally market you...

Does Your Office Design Lie About Who You Are?

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!

Are You Being Honesst?

I’ve heard it said: the average person lies three times per ten minute conversation. It doesn’t matter if you are a housewife from Duluth, a school teacher from Vermont or a little old lady from Kansas. Find that staggering? Don’t!  It’s true.

Studies show we lie to everyone, 86% to parents, 75% to friends, 69% to spouses and 40% on resumes. Now when it comes to online dating, estimates say an unimaginable 90% of people lie on their profiles. Does that dilute your faith in humanity?

Workplace designs tell the tru...

7 Common Mistakes Online Shoppers Make Buying a Modern Reception Desk

Reception Area Mistakes

Tell me if this is something that sounds vaguely familiar…

You want to buy a nice modern reception desk for your business lobby.

You don’t have an exact fix on what it is you want to buy, but you tell yourself, “I’ll know it when I see it.”

You then go from one website to another looking for that perfect reception desk, one that will jump off the screen and say “I’m it, buy me now.”

Unfortunately, the task is more labor intensive than you had ever imagined. You stick with it.

Hooray, you find one that’s really nice, but the price is twic...