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7 Creative Ways to Design Your Reception Area for Visitors to Align with your Brand

A well-planned reception area will help you attract more customers. These tips will get office visitors to unwind and find interest in your brand.

The average person who visits a business is in an out without any recollection of ever having been there. There are many reasons that creates that kind of apathy, and alternatively, plenty of reasons why the memory lingers on and a preference to return.

If you are one to take office design into your own hands, there is one question your reception area should answer upon immediate encounter, and tha...

How to Get the Coolest Modern Office Furniture at the Best Price Possible

Finding the coolest modern office furniture isn’t always so easy. If you’re not an expert and you have higher standards than most, you’ll need to kiss a lot of ugly frogs first. By that, I mean you’ll have to do all the dreaded mental legwork first: visit a lot of websites, talk to a lot of people, do a lot of comparisons…and even with all that intel, one can only hope that one has made the right decision.

To take the frog-kissing analogy even further, finding the best price for that coolness adds one more struggle to the mix. That’s because f...