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Tech Company Utilizes Modern Office Design to Make Their Music Match Their Words
Tech Company Utilizes Modern Office Design to Make Their Music Match Their Words

Opera Technologies is an innovative company based in Exton PA. Their team of professionals provides IT solutions giving them market advantages. They are all about building relationships and excellent customer service. Their team consists of incredibly driven workers with unequaled passion, each, for what they do in the technology arena.

Modern Office Furniture Has a Great Year in Florida
Modern Office Furniture Has a Great Year in Florida

It's been a great year for business in Florida! 90 Degree Office Concepts has worked with new and expanding business that want a modern office design. We have listened to what they want and help them create a look that makes a statement about who they are and reflects their brands.

Take a look at who we have been working with and what we have been doing for Florida Business this year.

Florida Sports Fan Takes Office Design to the Unthinkable…

Football season is here again in full pads (excuse my pun). When it comes to sports, intelligent human beings lose themselves in the realm of fanatical behavior; they paint their faces, carry fences, tout signs of rage and even wear costumes that would rival any child’s Halloween behavior.

Each game is a reason to celebrate; therefore we have tailgate parties, cooking food in stadium parking lots, pitching tents and boasting an undying commitment to the cause. Mention a word of disbelief, and you run the risk of being verbally trampled upon, t...

7 Ways You Never Thought to Lower Your Reception Desk Cost and/or Increase Value
7 Ways You Never Thought to Lower Your Reception Desk Cost and/or Increase Value

Sure, you know the obvious answers, but...

Let’s talk about your dollars—the ones you’ve worked your a** off for. Imagine, for a moment, that real green money in a shopping cart, sitting beside another cartload that you are about to swap for a reception desk. Let’s look at the exchange in closer detail, and see if you really want to make that trade. In the end, I promise you; you will save some money—or, at the very least, gain a different perspective on how you want to spend the dollars you have. Sound fair?

Let’s be real here! Other than me...

7 Creative Ways to Design Your Reception Area for Visitors to Align with your Brand

A well-planned reception area will help you attract more customers. These tips will get office visitors to unwind and find interest in your brand.

The average person who visits a business is in an out without any recollection of ever having been there. There are many reasons that creates that kind of apathy, and alternatively, plenty of reasons why the memory lingers on and a preference to return.

If you are one to take office design into your own hands, there is one question your reception area should answer upon immediate encounter, and tha...

Modern Reception Areas-A Place to Communicate Your Brand’s DNA

Love at first sight

Like Britany, love at first sight for your brand is generated mainly by an emotional attraction. In the beginning, (in most cases) that attraction is based upon something you see insofar as very little may be known up front about what the brand is about. Like dating, if the brand can impress the customer, there is a good chance the customer may stick around for more.

Usually, the reason one will stick around for more is if they have an amazing experience during that first encounter.

Brand attraction through DNA

We at 90 ...

Reception Area Guide to Visual Communication

Words are not enough to effectively communicate your brand

People are wired to understand the world around them quickly by what they see. Before we learn how to communicate by language, we understand by what we see. That’s why communication of your brand visually is so powerful, even more important than what you have to say. In today’s business world we crave information that we can comprehend fast. For that reason the world as a whole is becoming more and more visual. Effective brand communication is not something that’s thrown together by a ...

Stupid Reception Ideas will Net You Stupid Results

“Stupid is as stupid does” Forrest Gump’s mama. In reception area design, thoughtless is what thoughtless gets.

Who you are is what they think

Irrespective of what your brand is, or how you think of it, it will be remembered by the way you present it to the world, inside and out. If your brand is cheap, frugal, low cost, than present it in that way. If your brand is a quality brand, than position it as quality. You cannot be what your environment does not believe. If you want your customers to pay more for your brand, they must believe it is ...