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5 Ways to Buy a High-Quality Reception Station
5 Ways to Buy a High-Quality Reception Station

Our current age of speed, got to have it yesterday, and it’s got to be cheap has made it difficult to sort through everything on offer and find a modern reception desk that best represents the quality of your business.

Make no mistake: a quality modern reception desk is the most important furniture investment you will ever make for your company. Why? Because it’s up-front, visible, and sets a precedent for what’s next. A package that has been beautifully giftwrapped, for example, sets the expectation pretty high as to what’s inside. Likewise, ...

How to Design a Modern Reception Area for Today’s Contemporary Office Space
How to Design a Modern Reception Area for Today’s Contemporary Office Space

No one office space is exactly the same as any other, without the use changing from company to company. No one person’s design preferences can be exactly the same as everyone else’s, while also suiting every company’s individual branding needs. No one company’s process is exactly the same as the one next door, requiring the exact same configuration and tools as a completely difference business. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a modern reception area, a conference room, or an open workspace—however...

Discovering the Design Style Best-Suited to Your Business’s Office Reception Area

Chances are, if you had to choose only one area in your office workplace to really get serious about design—and categorically put your efforts into being creative—your reception area would most likely be at the top of the list. It’s the idea of thatone impressive image that can definitively setvisitor expectations of your entire company that gets most people’s design juices flowing.

Office Reception Design: First Things First
If designing your office reception area is on the top of your list,too,I would suspect finding the perfect modern receptio...

Bold New Design Approach for a Killer Modern Reception Area

When it comes to buying a new modern reception desk—or any office reception furniture, for that matter—I’ve got to tell you, the approach that most people use is pretty much the same. The search usually begins in one or two places: either online, or in local brick-and-mortar locations.

No matter where people look, the mental approach is still the same. They look until they find something that is visually appealing, put it in a shopping cart, plunk down the trusty old credit card, scratch it off the list, and wait for it to be delivered. Seems ...

Choosing the Best Modern Reception Desk for You — from All the Options Available

There are brown ones, black ones, big ones, small ones, cheap ones, and really costly ones. There are wooden ones and laminate ones, knocked-down ones and fully-assembled ones, free shipping and paid options. YIKES!!! What’s a buyer to do?

Some industries are overloaded with product availability and options to choose from. The office reception industry happens to be one of them. For the most part, it’s something that most businesses need if they are expecting visitors. After all, you can’t have people wandering around your business without dir...

21 Edgy, Modern Office Designs for the Unconventional Company

Think of an amazing place you have visited before, but sometimes forget to return to. Most of the people who live there have amazing talents and really original ideas. The best part about going there is that no matter of who you are, everyone who visits comes away with a somewhat different experience. The residents occupying this place are capable of talents that stagger the imagination, but most of them have no idea they have this secret gift.

Want to know where this is?

Your own mind. When visited, it can transform a company from average to...