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Measuring for Your New Modern Reception Desk: Getting the Best Fit and Function
Measurements for a modern reception desk take into account the size of your space and your functional needs—both in and around it.
Remodeling Your Business’s Interior Space
Giving a fresh look to your workplace offices can not only help you create the perfect business environment but it can add value to your company in many ways. How do you know when it's the right time to take on that cost and challenge?
How to Make Sure Your Modern Conference Table is the Perfect Size
Though just a character in a child’s story, Goldilocks had the right idea in making sure the size of the bears’ furniture was “just right” for her comfort. If she were designing your modern conference room, she would be focused on getting the size and fit just right. Smart girl!
Design Inspiration for Your Modern Office Reception Space
Responsibility for selecting design elements for your office reception area can be filled with much uncertainty for the do-it-yourself office designer. You have things to consider: flooring, what to do with walls, which furniture to buy, which lighting to choose, and even which color scheme to select. Putting it all together is enough to rattle your brain. Whether you feel challenged or inspired, few things bring your reception area together like a cool reception desk, lighting, and art.
Secrets about Selecting Office Furniture Resellers Don’t Want You to Know
It doesn’t take a Harvard degree for smart business people to understand the furniture you buy is only as good as the materials it’s made from and the craftsman that build it.
8 Essential Design Elements Every Office Reception Area Must Have
If you’re considering designing a new, or redesigning an existing office space and are wondering how to create a space that will improve your business functionally, financially, and make a startling impression on visitors and workers alike, it's a good idea to start with your reception area.
Reaping Cognitive Rewards In The Workplace

Cognitive Rewards In The Workplace

Gaining a cognitive advantage in the workplace, in the area of productivity, is something few small businesses consider. Tapping into ways to help workers use their brains more guided, focused and efficiently can not only help the worker advance, but also help the business achieve better results as well.

The nature of sensory perception systems can be used for example; to help workers concentrate, be more creative and feel happier. What workers see, feel, smell and hear can all affect reactionary responses. In a study published in the journa...

Modern Office Design Secrets Only Insiders Know
When designing a new modern office, you are probably looking for ways to save time and money while reducing stress. If you are moving into a new office space, there’s a boatload of things you’ll need to do, and in most cases, not a lot of time in which to get it done. Here are some tips to help make your office design work run more smoothly, so you can get things done on time—and save a bundle.
Does good design always equate to expense? If so how?
When it comes to designing your office reception area, almost no one has money to burn. If fact when it comes to designing and furnishing your office, most business’s want to spend as little as possible, however on the other side of that coin, they want the best possible design and value for the dollars they spend.
Office Interior Design Anchoring-Fact or Fiction?
I went shopping today at a local Home Depot looking to pick up a couple of things I needed for the office. While walking down one of the aisles, I started singing to myself (I sing to myself because, I’m the only person that would tolerate it) …”I don’t remember what day it was, and I don’t remember what time it was”... (By: Spiral Staircase) Suddenly, I asked myself (see, I talk to myself also), where did that come from? Then I realized it had just played over the speaker system. That, started me thinking how amazing it is how our sensory perception works? Without any conscious effort we think, recall, enjoy, hate or fabricate ideas about everything.