Why Some Modern Reception Desks Are Less Costly Than Others: How to Know the Difference
There was a time when a person could buy a treasure map, and then have to pay a small fortune. As more and more treasure maps started to become available in the marketplace, sellers upped the ante and began to lower prices and provide free tools to dig up the treasure. They also began to provide transportation to the treasure site. To gain an even greater market share, map sellers began to offer all the benefits of treasure hunting right from the living room couch for X dollars.
What Is a Melamine-Constructed Reception Desk, and What Do You Need to Know About It?
A melamine reception desk is made from low-density laminate boards. These boards are created by using particle boards as substrates. They are processed using low pressure and heat that melts a melamine/formaldehyde material onto the boards. The boards end up with a semi-durable, plastic-like coating that comes pre-formed in an array of colors, many that are made to look like wood. This is known in the industry as low-density laminate: low-density because the amount of pressure applied is much lower than high-pressure laminate.
Discovering the Real Difference Between Ready-Made Modern Reception Desks and Quality Custom Ones
Discovering the Real Difference Between Ready-Made Modern Reception Desks and Quality Custom Ones

“All that glitters isn’t gold,” the man said. Similarly, not all modern reception desks that look great online are shining examples of quality. For those of you who find the way your company is represented to be important, here are some things to consider when you are looking into buying a ready-made reception desk.

Few people who are on the market to buy a modern reception desk understand what they are buying simply by viewing a picture online. For quality-minded buyers, the biggest factors should be material and construction. With this infor...

How Should You Layout Your Office Conference Room?
How Should You Layout Your Office Conference Room?

Have you ever written an important phone number on a napkin or the back of an envelope? On the one hand, you get the information scribbled down; on the other, that piece of paper is so insubstantial, it gets lost or trashed by you or someone else.

Laying out a quality plan with a definitive, thought-provoking end goal will yield a much better long-term result than a plan that only solves a temporary need.

Change Your Office Environment—Change Your Life
Change Your Office Environment—Change Your Life

Think of a fishbowl: the last thing that fish discover is water. That’s because when you’re in it, all you can see is what’s outside.

The modern office environment is no different. When things don’t go well at work, everything else can become a consideration for change: bonuses, discipline, training, and even promotional increases. Few, people however, ever think about the things contained in the office as a possible solution.

Here’s a story I heard that speaks to the value of things in the workplace environment in comparison with other approaches to issues like poor communication and lack of performance.

Seven Mind-Blowing Reception Area Design Ideas That Will Leave You Drooling
Seven Mind-Blowing Reception Area Design Ideas That Will Leave You Drooling

As you peruse these office reception-area designs, notice how each features a design element that makes it unique unto itself. One reception area may feature a cool color combination, while another may have a special collection of materials. While they are all unique in their own right, certain designs may or may not fit your room or business style. Even so, they can offer up inspirational ideas that will allow you to peer into the realm of office design possibility, and motivate and inspire you to integrate the modern office design movement into your workspace.

Seven Outstanding Modern Reception-Area Designs to Inspire You

Your Custom-Made Conference Table: How to Know If You’re Getting Planked
Your Custom-Made Conference Table: How to Know If You’re Getting Planked

Let’s face it—you don’t know what you don’t know. How could you? If you are buying a custom-made conference table and you’re not a builder, chances are, there’s a lot you don’t know. In fact, many furniture builders we interview who have been in the furniture-building business for twenty years or more don’t know that there is a lot they don’t know. So, how could you? Here are a few tips.

Why Electric Sit-Stand desks from 90 Degree Office Concepts?

Changing your working position regularly helps to prevent back problems.

If you have an existing back problem then standing at a high desk for parts of your day rather than sitting all day at a standard desk can offer great relief and help the recovery process when back problems occur. People of various heights can easily adjust their desk according to specific needs - which can be of great benefit for those of a taller stature to prevent them from stooping.

Electric operation means that people can easily adjust their desk height which is ver...

14 Steps to Designing Perfect Workplace
14 Steps to Designing Perfect Workplace

Do you have a perfect office workspace? Is it too perfect to work in or not perfect enough? One of the mysteries in life is why many people spend so much time working in their office and so little time actually making it workable. In most offices, there are many things that can be done to make work more productive, visually appealing and have visitors be more informed.

There is a difference between a workplace and having a workable place to work. It becomes a “workplace” when having a place to sit (or stand) and perform a task is the only cons...

Another Great Year for Modern Office Furniture

It's been a great year for business in Florida! 90 Degree Office Concepts has worked with new and expanding business that want a modern office design. We have listened to what they want and help them create a look that makes a statement about who they are and reflects their brands.

Take a look at what we have been doing for Florida Business this year.

  • Above Par Media; Caterette, New York
  • Academy of Dance; Yukon, South Dakota
  • ACS; Mont Vernone, NY
  • AKA Designs; Texas
  • Bates Trucking; Maryland
  • BCM-One; New York
  • Berman-KapplerBoca Office F...