Why Choose Us?

The most simplistic answer is ── You view your company as above average and are particular about how you communicate that to the world.

Choose Us When:

  • You want unique modern office furniture that visually sets your company apart from the commonality of average ready-made office furniture
  • You want the personal help of putting together the perfect modern reception desk or conference room furniture instead of risking putting it in a cart and checking out.
  • You want personal assistance that only real people can offer.
  • You want professional office furniture craftspeople that understand office
  • You want attention to detail
  • You want the perfect size to fit your space and function
  • You want products crafted in American products using domestic materials
  • You want to match existing office colors, logos, or other office furniture
  • You have a design in mind, and you want it brought to life
  • The perception your business gives matters beyond average

We help you break away from the crowd

Rightfully or wrongfully, as CEO of 90 Degree Office Concepts, I have always sought to carve a path different from most. Granted, being on the road less traveled often presents challenges. However, breaking through those challenges that create barriers is what we find so rewarding. It's not the need to be different that we find so gratifying; we desire to help you with self-expression. Helping clients that prefer not to dance to the music that everyone else is playing is what makes us jazzed. Knowing that we have helped our clients outwardly express themselves is a rewarding experience. View some of our testimonials by clicking here.

We help you create the perfect company expression.

We have positioned our modern office furniture designs around helping companies outwardly express those pent-up personalities affordably. Let's face it, as you look around── there is an inevitable duplication of office furniture designs that seem to be everywhere in the off-the-shelf office furniture marketplace. The result is that every office looks and feels the same.

We help you create your office ideas affordably.

Hiring a professional designer is an excellent approach to getting a great office design. We highly recommend this approach where possible. However, let's face it; professional design work is not within everyone's budget. For that reason, it is our purpose at 90 Degree Office Concepts to offer you the option of a directional change. We offer an incredible selection of wood veneers, laminates, and specialty materials to help you get "out of the standard office furniture box."

Our designs help you manage space and function.

Our approach to office furniture is only limited by your imagination. Everything we build, we build it just for you. You choose your style, color, and materials. So, you get to have your furniture fit your exact space down to the inch. With standard furniture, you take what's available. If there is leftover space, it's wasted. Our question is, why not make it functional if there is excess space?

Please allow us to help you find the best modern office furniture for you

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