Does good design always equate to expense? If so how?

When it comes to designing your office reception area, almost no one has money to burn. If fact when it comes to designing and furnishing your office, most business’s want to spend as little as possible, however on the other side of that coin, they want the best possible design and value for the dollars they spend.

So how do you get good office design without emptying your pockets? That question was raised on and below you will find answers by many designers from various countries. Does good design always equate to spending a fortune? Read what designers think about that question. 

Good design does not equate to expense. Neither does quality. Please express your views. Thank you!

Afife Ozakpinar

Afife Ozakpinar Yes and no... It all depends what is expected by the designer. There are so many different clients... and so different projects..

Gianluca Bolla

Gianluca Bolla Good design and quality generally goes together and the same is for expenses, but I agree with Ebrahim that great designers con use less to make more even if what we intend for less is not something necessarily poor, but something that, in the context, is not usual to be used, but this is not true for appliances

Shaheen Qasim

Shaheen Qasim MBBS, FRACP, DIP WHS, OHS, RTW Good appliances last forever. 

Prof. Ali Al Amaireh

Prof. Ali Al Amaireh Mostly but not always

Paul Matulef

Paul Matulef It may all depend on how you define 'expense'. It can be tiresome working on low-budget projects where the design team and overhead are compromised. As it is, salaries in this field we have chosen, remain consistently flat, when the underlying cost of the Real Estate we are 'adding value' to continue to escalate. Yes, much creativity can be had by working under restrictive conditions, but as many have said, in the end, to get things done, you end up having to spend either more TIME or more MONEY

Usery Josh

Usery Josh Yes.

But it is equilibrium. Meaning that there is a point where it cost you more not to plan /design well upfront. You will always incur costs with good design and good quality. However high price does not always equate to good design or quality.

matthew dwichristianto

matthew dwichristianto this is a good question indeed..
Personally I have been struggling in this issue, and I conclude that good quality design doesn't have to be expensive.
But in practical, to achieve good qualities we have to use good materials and to use good materials means we have to select 'a bit' pricey materials, not an overrated materials though.
What I’m trying to say that there are prices to get a good quality design. Because design does related to materials.
I'm still struggling & learning though, so correct me if I’m wrong.

 Shaheen Qasim

Shaheen Qasim MBBS , FRACP , DIP WHS , OHS , RTW You are right Mathew. Good quality doesn't always mean expensive. I am glad there is a lot on the news about imported Chinese steel. That is being used locally; it rusts and is not really steel. I have always used European appliances. Funny. They use Australian steel -:) real steel. 

Amanda Payne

Amanda Payne Good design should be efficient and effective regardless of budget. Good design is making something or a space work to the best suited solution for the clients brief. How much you pay for product is another question/discussion.

L.A. Vintage Furnishings

L.A. Vintage Furnishings My rule has always been three to five really good pieces in a room and the rest less expensive.

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When it comes to design, quality likes and dislikes; everyone has an opinion about something. Good design requires thought, time, proper planning, understanding of materials and systems of function.

Seldom do you find companies willing to go the extra mile to come up with formidable office furniture designs when it comes to budget furniture. That’s not to say it is impossibility, it’s most likely about the dollars verses return on time, energy and overall investments.

On the other side of the coin, construction materials have a lot to do with, quality, design capabilities and cost. Every type of material has its benefits and shortcomings, however, it seems as though the more expensive materials have more tolerable shortcomings, and the lower priced materials require knowledge and creativity to subsidize for shortcomings.

Let’s face it; few of us have mega-dollars to spend on cool, modern office furniture. So the best solution is to gather information about the materials used in construction and how it’s made or find a company you trust that is known for their quality and creativity.