Things Most People Never Think About When Buying a Modern Reception Desk…But Should

Things Most People Never Think About When Buying a Modern Reception Desk…But Should

Being old school in my approach to buying large ticket items such as an office reception desk (needing to see and touch), it still amazes me that modern day internet shoppers will buy office furniture online spending hundreds, and even thousands of dollars with having only relative information about what they are buying, and who they are buying it from. Call me old fashion in that regard if you must, I will wear that badge.

Although my company offers out modern reception desks online, this may sound a little tilted that I would question the online buying process. Before I tell how this all comes together in my mind, let me share with you a couple of reasons why and how I discovered that most online customers never think about (what I consider) some real important stuff when shopping for a reception desk…

Most clients that find us online reception-stations contact us because they are enamored by the look of our reception desk designs. Now, I certainly appreciate the adoration, however, when comparing reception desks online, most buyers seem to focus primarily on things like; style, color and price. Now those are all wonderful things to consider in the process, however in my mind, (being an old school buyer) another question is; what is the reception desk made out of? 

 Evaluating reception desk materials

Evaluating reception desk materials 

The problem with not understanding this primal factor is that it doesn’t allow for important evaluations like; how long is this reception desk going to last me before it falls apart and I have to buy a new one? How is the material it’s made out of going to wear under the conditions I use it under? If I have to move it, will it go back together with unimpaired fasteners? Will the material it’s made out of; chip, break or scratch with, light, moderate or heavy use?

These are (in my mind) important things to know because you (I would guess) will want to spend your money wisely. You, (I would guess) will want to select the best tool for the job. Do I have that right? If you need a hammer, you would not use a shoe. If you need a pencil, you would not buy a piece of chalk. In like manner, you would not buy a reception desk made out of pressboard or MDF if you are expecting long life, substantial wear ability, or quality statements. I hope that make sense.

Evaluating reception desk construction

Another area (in my mind) of important consideration when buying a modern reception desk is; who is the builder, and are they known for producing quality work? testimonials when it comes to building quality office furniture, there are few companies remaining on American soil that are still designing and building office furniture.

What that means for the American office furniture buyer is that most furniture is produced somewhere else. To effectively sell office furniture that is price competitive, it becomes a battle of wits to produce the smallest packages (because overseas freight is expensive) with the lowest cost labor and materials available and still have it look appealing. 

You don’t need a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering to understand that the more flexible pieces of material you have, with assorted fasteners, assembled by a lay person (you), with unknown materials, the lasting end result will be questionable.

These are just a few things the buyer of a modern reception desk really should take into consideration when buying a reception desk. If you want more information about how to select the best material for your reception area workplace, send me an email and I will send you information on how to evaluate the best materials for your reception area use.