The Art of Choosing the Office Reception Design that Works Best for Your Business

Whatever choice you make for your person or your business shapes how others think of you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the height of the hemline of your dress, or the color of your office reception area, it shapes what people think. If the hemline is too high, some may think it’s too suggestive and if it’s too low others make think of it as being prudish. 

business shapes

A choice about your dress length may/or may not matter unless there are compelling reasons behind the choice that you hold high i.e.; religious beliefs, morality, sexuality etc. On the other hand, the choice you make about your office reception area may not have those important guidelines to adhere to for you.

Irrespective of how you have it, in much the same way as one’s personal dress affects what people think or say about the person, the way one’s business is presented to the world also shapes what people think or say about the company. Whereas the design of your office reception area may not affect whether customers buy from your company or not, it could be a lost opportunity to add to your customer’s positive impression of the company.

All impressions may not be something that positions itself with an obvious, recognizable and outward reaction. Something as subtle as color can affect the way people feel while in your workplace and they themselves may not even know why they are feeling what they are feeling.

Being blessed or cursed (you choose) with the opportunity to make our own choices puts the responsibility squarely on our shoulders to make the perfect choice for what and how we want to communicate to others.

The problem we have with having many choices and the responsibility to go along with it, is most people get confused. Often a certain fear develops of making the wrong choice so many people make choices around what feels less risky. The problem with that is comfort does not always yield the outcome sort after. On the other hand, the outcome we pursue at random is also not always the best choice for the problem.

Few people understand office reception area design is as much about function as it is about communication of the brand’s identity. Often times the brand identity part gets left to choosing a design that looks good the decision-makers.

At 90degreeofficeconcepts we feel there are key elements to choosing a design that communicates well for your brand. In order to make good choices you first must decide on “what” you need to communicate and to whom.

Color, for example is a big communicator. It doesn’t matter if you are choosing the color of a dress shirt or the color of a modern reception desk, color speaks loudly.

choosing color of a modern reception desk

Choosing an effective modern reception area design is all about the design process itself: The choice requires examination, imaginative and serious thinking, discernment, and an ability to suspend inflexible ideas in order to determine how deviations in practice and innovative concepts can radically alter customer perception.