Modern Reception Area Investments that Keep Businesses Relevant in Today’s Marketplace


Investing in business is not all good

The belief that investment in business is needed to create value for the brand makes perfect sense to me. There was a time when I thought simply by investing more and more in the business was a surefire way to create more value for the brand. Then I discovered; if “what” I was investing in, was not relevant to “who,” I was investing for (i.e.; customers, employees, etc.) than all my investments would basically have little to no value.

Making important investments matter

It seems like the brands that have their finger on the pulse of what’s relevant to customers and workers, and they consistently invests in those areas, are the ones that are getting mega results, naturally. The companies that succeed over the long haul are the ones that stay relevant as times change, and the ones that don’t, eventually fold their tents and go home.

Important workplace investments

Nowhere is it more important to maintain relevance, than in the very workplace where companies do their business, the place where it all begins. If the workplace ideas, look and feel is not relevant to the presentation package as a whole, I assert it’s hard to fake it. Try relaxing on a hot sandy beach in a three piece suit or reading a book at a loud rock concert, the environments are just not conducive to the intended purpose.

I also assert the workplace environment is a place to continually devise ways to improve customer experience. The office reception area is a great place to start. It is often the first real contact a customer has with the brand.

A customer walking into any reception area, immediately gets a subconscious first impression of the general company’s mindset. Do they visually appear relevant or not?

Investments to keep business relevant

The times are modern and they are technologically driven, that’s no secret. Because of this, companies must look and feel like they are keeping up with the best benefits for its audience. From personal experience, many companies are behind the times in the look and feel department even though many are coming over to the modern side of town kicking and screaming, yet there is work left to be done.

Being a person that travels often for business, means having to find local accommodations, most often as an impromptu visitor. On several occasions I have walked out of an establishment based upon the look of their reception area. Experience has taught me, in the area where a business should be putting their best foot forward comes up lacking in generating the warm and fuzzes, than one can only imagine what to expect from the parts of business that are hidden from view. Conversely, if the reception area is modern, clean and well-organized, chances are one would go to the next step.

On one hand, I feel a hotel must be consistent in its look, feel and service it gives to its guests. On the other hand, it must not rest on its laurels and depend solely on consistency; it must be innovative, focusing on investing in customer experience. For a hotel business, by example, making investments in the lobby (the what) is relevant to the customer (the who) and the experience they have with the brand. It sets the tone up front as to what the guest can expect during their stay, a relevant part of their business.

The same is true for any brand; looking to stay attractive in their market. We at 90 Degree Office Concepts feel keeping the balance between staying consistent and remaining relevant is critical to the success of any business.

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