Improve Your Business-Improve Your Environment

Improve Your Business-Improve Your Environment

It doesn’t matter where you live, work, play or travel to, environment will often control what you wear, what you eat, how you think and even your ability to breath. It doesn’t matter if you are an earthling or from another planet, environment will have more control over your life and possibly things you take for granted. It doesn’t matter where you are from, your environment will label you as a Texan, a Brit or a Martian.

What people need from their environment

The outside environment is a large metaphor for how important environment is inside the office workplace. In addition to safety and security, people need an environment of comfort, both physical and mental.

Environments affect what people think and how their body reacts

Building a workplace environment that communicates a low amount of stress both in the physical environment and in the ubiquitous environment, will impact the way people think at any given time and even affect workers physically without even being aware. That happens because our brains are constantly thinking and interacting with what is going on around us, and the result being that our brains can alter our body chemistry.

Researchers have found evidence of five ways to improve thinking that we can glean from, to create a better workplace environment:

Bring the outside in. Things that nature provides when brought inside can impact the way people feel when at work. Things like vegetation (trees and plants), images of mountains, waterfalls, forests (paintings, wall murals etc.), can offer a soothing experience as one subconsciously connects with nature. 

outside in

Mentor support. Support and collaboration with teammates and supervisors can enhance the emotional quality of life in the workplace

Environmental control. No one likes to have everything dictated, practically when it comes to personal environment. By providing workers with certain flexibilities to control how they work and feel in their workspace can offer a degree of comfort. Things like personal lighting, noise control, 10 minute break areas, and surface space and storage facilities all can provide a personal feeling of environmental control.

Pleasurable surroundings. Having a drab, boring workplace to deal with on a frequent basis can be depressing for anyone. Choosing appropriate color schemes, functional and attractive furniture, quality designs and layouts all go toward establishing mental positioning about the workplace in general.  

Pleasurable surroundings

Ambient support. Being disturbed by constant or inadvertent noise (loud talking, machinery, or walkways), poor workplace design (near bathrooms or kitchen) can be sources of distraction. Poor lighting and/or imbalanced visual privacy can all make a workplace either uncomfortable or unproductive or both.

The best way to bring about change in your workplace is to change your workplace environment. Over millenniums it is pretty obvious the impact people have had over the environment. For that matter, changes from year to year seem staggering. Conversely, what often goes unnoticed, for some strange reason is the impact environment makes on people, particularly in the office workplace.

To successfully change your business you have to successfully change the way workers think. The best way to do that is to change their environment.