If Workplace Design Could Have Your Customers Spend More, What Would you invest in it?

Design, inside and out of a workplace, be it a retail, office or service facility, has an unimaginable impact on brand perception and ultimately, what customers are inclined to spend. 

Uniting prospect and product is job one

The primary responsibility of any business should be to introduce and sell their product or service to prospective buyers, but it should not be their only responsibility.

To be in a position to sell anything, a business has to first find ways to get the prospective buyer and the product in the same space, be that physically or digitally.

Showcasing before and after connection 

In an article written in the Retail Gazette By: Gregor Jackson writes in The Importance of Retail Design, “the store environment is the ultimate showcase and the physical touch point between the brand and the customer. It physically and emotionally reaches out and embraces them…”

Most prospective buyers will walk into a store just by reason of the way it looks engaging, thought-provoking or exciting, even if they have no idea whatsoever about what the products are inside.

Most customers will come to your office or store from afar because you have put an attractive, engaging element of some type in their path. This is a very primary concept for marketers. Once you have them there, it is a crime not to continue to capture more of their interest.

Designing with the prospect in mind

Designing a business facility with the target prospect in mind, and adding elements that will reach out to them, capture their interest, will create a business that is inviting to your target market.

Designing a business facility with furniture, fixtures, products and lighting will help provide an environment that is in union with your brand. The idea here is to build in an experience for your prospect that is pleasing, informative, and memorable and worth the trip.

Design to intrigue the customer

When you look at things from the visitor or consumer’s perspective, the visit becomes a journey of exploration; finding new and interesting product or ideas that they can use.

A visitor coming to your office workplace and/or a consumers to retail store like to be informed, and they like the adventure well. Well-placed signage, interesting things to discover, tips they can use, things to sign up for, how to ideas, videos, classes to take all leaves the consumer to explore things of interest on their own to find the product, provides the consumer with a sense of obscurity and intrigue, and adds to the visitor’s experience.

The question is; what type of display or offering can you make either initially or upon leaving that will provide even more benefit to the visitor?

Think of design as a marketing opportunity 

The best marketing in the world will not have prayer of being successful if the prospect is not brought to, and intrigued by the product or offering.

As you think about the interior design of your business, don’t forget to include marketing your product or service into your design scheme. “Retail design is something that has stood the test of time and has remained and effective marketing tool since the creation of the storefront.” Posted in Triad 05, 2014

If what is being offered is exceptional, all you need to do is make the introduction. A well planned interior business design will help you do that effectively.