You Are in for a Big Surprise if You Are Shopping for a Modern Reception Desk or Conference Table in Today’s Market

Many people believe they can find anything they need on the Internet, from screen door replacements for submarines to instant body fat reduction pills. As ridiculous as that may sound, there seem to be products available on the web to do most anything. Well, that may be true, but when it comes to looking for the perfect modern reception desk or conference table, many people are stumped. Here’s why…

The really smart shoppers looking for the perfect modern office furniture piece know that there is a lot more involved than just finding a modern reception desk or conference table that looks good online, putting it in a cart, and checking out with a credit card. They know the look, feel, and credibility of their company is on display right in their very office. Finding that unique piece of furniture that communicates everything unsaid about your company involves work.

Intelligent shoppers have found it challenging to find all of the details that may be important to them wrapped up in one package. You may have an awkwardly-shaped reception area that requires a unique fit. You may have a branding issue that must have color directives. You might have functional needs that must be met to help you work better and faster, or simply get more organized.

When our friends at Bates Trucking found a modern conference room table on our website that they liked, they shared with us their concerns and the way they do business. They needed a table that was 21' long for an exact fit for their conference room, together with a matching credenza. A glass wall separated the reception area from the conference room, and they wanted a 12' reception desk that matched the conference table.

But things didn’t stop there. They sometimes used the conference room for a classroom-style training facility. We suggested that we design the table they liked to separate into three sections when used for training—and come together as one locking table when in boardroom mode. They did not like the typical nested tables in the readymade market, so we designed a table for them—with their help—that gave them a Mappa Burl center section and matching bases. We finished the Burl wood in their company color and matched their reception, as well. Perhaps your needs are not quite so specific, however…

Discerning shoppers don’t take their business for granted—they plan every detail. They want their business to look, feel, and work the part that they predetermine.

In reality, people shopping for the best solution for their business might actually find it easier to shop for screen doors for that submarine. The problem is, manufacturers try to plan your business for you in advance, and tell you what you should buy, how you should function, and which look should represent your company. They don’t know you! They don’t know your business or your personality, so how can they plan for you?

Then you have retailers who try to subsidize their real business (readymade office furniture) with trying to be in the custom modern office furniture business. Customized office furniture and readymade furniture are two different businesses; in fact, they have opposite business models. One has a production strategy whereby everything is produced en masse, while the other approach is creative, unique, and specialized. As my mother used to tell me, “You cannot serve two masters.”

Because finding the perfect balance of modern office furniture is so surprisingly difficult for most smart shoppers, 90 Degree Office Concepts has developed a business model whereby we produce the furniture you need and want for your business exactly the way you need it to work. Buy it as you see it…or we can help you design it so it’s just right for you.