Why is Fit So Important to Your Office Reception Area?

Why is Fit So Important to Your Office Reception Area?

Everyone likes the idea of saving money, especially so on high-ticket items. However, there is probably a limit to what you would sacrifice to save a few bucks. Would you agree? Generally, things must fit the intended purpose to make practical sense. Example: you wouldn't buy a pair of shoes two sizes too big or small to save $50, would you? Would you hire a plumber to do your electrical work to save a few hundred dollars? Sometimes, what you must give up in exchange for the savings turns out not to be saving when it's the wrong fit.

Conversely, ready-made office reception desks operate under the premises of one-size-fits-all. They want you to believe that someone out there was smart enough to figure out your needs, no matter who you are, what size space you have, what you do, or your company personality.

Let's think about that for a moment. To pre-make this furniture, someone had to sit down and ask themselves, who is the average customer? What is the average office size? What will fit the average function? What design profile will fill the average company's idea of itself? After all, they don't want to commit to building hundreds of these reception desks without being able to fit the average user to the letter. They want to put you in a box marked AVERAGE.

The problem with that thinking is the main objective of every company is to prove they are different. If your company looks the same, acts the same, and offers the same as the one down the street, why choose you? The difference is the driving force behind every company's marketing, customer communication, customer service, and projected image.

Office reception area difference

Modern reception areas, by geography, are usually the first visual experience a visitor has with your company. What they see first is often what they remember last. For whatever reason, seeing seems to hold more of a belief factor than telling. Closely connected to seeing is feeling (in a non-physical way).

Seeing and feeling are two significant opportunities that almost every company has with their visitors. I'm astounded how many companies pass up on the chance to make the right fit up front. The fit between customer and company. The right fit tells the customer they are in the right place. Any old fit is a lost opportunity.

Getting the reception area functional fit down pat

No matter how well your modern reception area furniture looks in the space, you are in trouble if it doesn't fit your operational needs. You are about to waste time —make workers uncomfortable, sacrifice privacy and ADA compliance, or give up organizational tools to make your company perform at the highest level.

Designing the best functional fit for your reception area requires planning and considering how the site will be used. The users' needs, the company's needs, and the experience you want the visitor to have. Once you have that figured out, you can answer the following question. What tools, size, fit and look will be the best fit.

Making the best user experience

Reception areas typically involve waiting. Conversely, no one likes waiting. If they must wait, what ways can we make their waiting experience better, shorter, or more interesting? In what ways can we make that wait time fit into a more pleasurable experience?

Waiting doesn't have to be a useless, boring experience. Let's plan the visitor's experience in advance. Let's use the time to help them understand how they can get exceptional value from your company's products, ideas, and services. We can entertain and promote your company's value with a bit of creativity. Offer something they may need and share with them the benefit of having it.

At the beginning of the proverbial day, the modern reception area (when all the pieces fit) is a valuable tool for your company's advantage. You can afford to give away free money in the face of lost opportunity. Planning the best office reception area fit in all its forms help you take the money left on the table and put it in your pocket.

If you need help, 90 Degree Office Concepts has spent decades thinking through and understanding reception area needs. We are an excellent resource in helping you pull it all together.