Warner Bros. Annual Convention

Warner Bros. Annual Convention

When Warner Bros. held their annual convention at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami, they called on 90 Degree Office Concepts because they had special requirements to satisfy their needs that were a challenge for them to resolve. They needed a reception desk that was first of all, modern in it appearance. It had to be white in color and be a special size so as to fit in the elevator. It had to be delivered fully assembled due to their setup time restraints. Most importantly, it had to be delivered within a weeks’ time.

Our custom design and build business model allowed us to be flexible with delivery time insofar as not being dependent on outside manufacturing with their multi-day delivery processes.

Having materials and design capability immediately at our disposal afforded us the privilege of being able to honor yet another client request. Warner Bros. was able to get their furniture delivered on time and pull off still one more successful show.

The result of that experience has been extremely rewarding.

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