Value Proposition for Our Clients

Anything worth doing is worth doing right.
Hunter S. Thompson

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we believe in this philosophy.  As part of our customer experience, we offer a FREE consultation in areas where you might need help. When it comes to something as important as the presentation of your office and business, it has to be done right.

We only have twelve hours per day to give away for free*…and we are willing to share one of them with you when you purchase our furniture. 

Here’s what we can help you with, for FREE, that you can’t get anywhere else.

  • Help in developing unique product designs to satisfy your individual preferences
  • Help in designing special options indigenous to the way you do business
  • Personal design consultation to help you avoid costly mistakes
  • Furniture construction evaluations to help you get the best value
  • Unique optional material applications for specialty design interests
  • Concepts for functional-use applications to organize your space and activities 
  • Education about the relationships between materials, function, wear, visual appeal, and brand perception
  • Help in creating a balance within your budget—and all things important to a business' function, look and feel
  • Configuration and space planning
  • Full-color renderings (optional) of your space as planned
  • Help in creating balance between furniture size, space, shape, and function
  • Help in determining crucial distinctions between product design and intended use
  • Detailed assistance in fully customizing furniture for your unique needs  
  • Expert assistance from shipping to setup

Our Product Distinctions

  1. Regardless of materials or price, our furniture is well-crafted.
  2. We color-match to perfection: yours or ours.
  3. Every detail has our full attention to ensure your furniture is flawless.
  4. All furniture is completely set up as it would be in your office and inspected by three individuals with different areas of expertise before crating.
  5. Our furniture ships fully-assembled or crated to minimize assembly after delivery.
  6. Our custom wood crates are designed and built to fit and protect each piece of furniture.  Custom crates help us manage damage control.
  7. If the crate is damage during shipment and this impacts your furniture, we provide 100% freight damage replacement.

*Services beyond one hour, without purchase, are $250 per hour, or any part thereof.