USOC Customer Story

USOC Customer Story

When USOC Medical, a biomedical equipment company located in Irvine, California, found 90 Degree Office Concepts online, they were looking for a modern reception desk that would stand out in their new building’s reception area. They contacted 90 Degree on the rebound…which means they were set to buy a reception desk from another vendor when they found us. They found out, after some time had passed, that in order to get the reception-desk size, color, and style they wanted from the other supplier, they would have had to wait 14 weeks.

USOC Medical just could not wait that long. Moving into a new office without a reception desk would have been a real challenge. In addition, the difficulty was greater than lead time alone…because they wanted reception furniture that reflected an upscale company and matched the size of their new space. Finding that special piece sitting in some company’s warehouse, just waiting to ship…well, you know the answer to that..

USOC Medical maintains a deep commitment to quality in the areas of biomedical equipment, repair solutions for healthcare facilities, and clinics and medical companies of all types and sizes. Everything about them must be representative of the highest possible standards..

USOC Medical described to us their vision of a new reception space with earthy colors and a modern pop. After they showed us the desk they had originally selected, we found the colors (orange and white) to be in direct contravention to what they had said they wanted. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we have no issues with giving our clients what they want; however, allowing a client buy something we felt wouldn’t accomplish their vision was something we needed to investigate..

In response to our color inquiries, they opted to go in another direction, choosing colors more in line with the earthy tones they were using in their lobby: beige and brown. We asked them to reference colors based upon our extensive paint catalogs, and worked with their color scheme to create a 10' reception desk using their newly-selected colors. .

After receiving their new reception desk in California and put all the time and effort into making everything just the way they wanted, they got the shock of their life when the Building Department did not grant them a CO (certificate of occupancy). One of the things on the list they had to address before being allow to move in was to make their new modern reception desk wheel chair accessible, WOW! .

At 90 Degree Office Concepts we understand client’s pain. Within five days we had designed, constructed, finished and constructed a crate and got a reception desk extension to them that was wheelchair compliant. .

We know the people at USOC Medical are committed to providing superior healthcare services and products, so we wanted to help them create an environment reminiscent of that same mindset. Not only did we help them to execute the concept…we got it shipped in four weeks, beating their original estimate by ten weeks.

Testimonial -

"I work for USOC Medical in Irvine California, and we decided to move into a bigger place. That being said we needed a nice looking lobby desk. I spent a couple of weeks looking for lobby desks and I couldn’t find anything for a good price and fast turn-around time. I finally got to talk to Bernie and he made my life easy. He helped me design the desks and sent me samples of the paint. Bernie was always there for us especially when we got audited by the city and we needed to have our front desk ADA compliant. When Bernie shipped our desk, we ended up receiving it with a broken glass. All I had to do was inform Bernie and he took care of it the week after. The desk was done perfectly, from the paint, to the design, everything matched what Bernie and I talked about and agreed upon.

With Bernie, there is no Games and no Lies. He is the man you want to talk to and deal with if you are looking for any office furniture.

That being said, Bernie is a very responsible, professional man. Bernie is easy to work with and completely honest. You can call him anytime on his cell phone and he is always makes himself available. If he doesn’t answer your call for some reason, he will call you back within an hour. I will continue to use 90 degree in the future. Bernie is very knowledgeable and has a lot of experience."

Ali Youssef
Owner USOC Medical, Irvine California
11 Novenber, 2016

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Modern reception station ready to ship.

Modern reception station ready to ship.

USOC reception area

USOC reception area