Things You Need to Know About Modern-Style Marble Conference Tables

When it comes to classic beauty in the modern conference room, marble is an outstanding choice. It’s one cool piece of furniture that can check a lot of boxes on the list of things you’d like to have in your workspace. Before you make the choice to purchase one of these beauties, however, there are a few things you might want to know before plopping down that credit card.

Top Reasons for Choosing Marble for Your Conference Table 

If your goal is modern elegance, a marble conference table can’t be beat. Regardless of style, marble in the conference room will work with almost any decor. In terms of durability, a marble table will last longer than any other piece of office furniture, if you care for it properly. And you never have to worry about a marble conference table going out of style.

Marble can be purchased in a broad variety of colors, so matching it to your color scheme won’t be difficult. Another great attribute of a marble conference table is that is can always be professionally restored as the years pass.

A Few Care Techniques to be Mindful of with Marble Tables

Marble is not devoid of a need for maintenance. You have to clean it and care for it. Every 12-16 months, you’ll need to seal it in order to prevent scratches. Spills of certain beverages like coffee, red wine, and some sodas can stain your table. Plan to use coasters when your conference table is in use.

What You Need to Do to Maintain the Beauty of Your Modern Conference Table

Clean spills right away; don’t allow them to sit and soak into the marble. If you are serving lunch to meeting attendees, try to use placemats. Use only marble cleaner on your table; some regular store-bought cleaners can dull marble’s luster, or can even change its color. On a regular basis, set aside some time to seal your table. Some people say using warm water with a very mild soapy solution is okay to do.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we offer many different material solutions for your meeting rooms. Marble happens to be an amazing choice! It can be an outstanding showpiece when paired with the right base. Check out our Vienna conference table for an excellent example of this. Ask about other unique slabs of stone.