Tech Company Utilizes Modern Office Design to Make Their Music Match Their Words

Tech Company Utilizes Modern Office Design to Make Their Music Match Their Words

Opera Technologies is an innovative company based in Exton PA. Their team of professionals provides IT solutions giving them market advantages. They are all about building relationships and excellent customer service. Their team consists of incredibly driven workers with unequaled passion, each, for what they do in the technology arena.

Because they are focused on innovative ideas, they wanted their company to visually reflect who they are, a modern, forward-thinking organization. For that reason, they reached out to 90 Degree Office Concepts. Opera Technologies, wanted vital areas of their office to have a visual impact; a modern reception area, conference room, and private offices. Because that's true, we helped them design the perfect reception station to match their concept and space available.

The challenge facing them, as with many clients we help was getting primary questions answered about the space as it relates to the size of a reception desk or conference table. Making sure the materials match the intended use and their outward projection was another question. How to choose the perfect color that best suits the mood and statement for the company. Beyond design, concerns arose as to receiving furniture, getting it set up and looking professional.

Opera quickly found out that 90 Degree Office Concepts, promptly had the answers to all their questions, for the simple reason they prepare in advance and think about customer needs before asking. Reception desks, conference tables, and executive desks are all built from the ground up, to provide clients like Opera with the perfect solutions for their business design. For clients that struggle with putting furniture together, 90 DOC, has the answer. By shipping modern furniture directly to the client, fully assembled, or nearly assembled for large pieces, makes clients who choose to receive the furniture themselves, a breeze. Even when clients hit a snag or run into questions about connectivity or placement, customer service team is there to help provide immediate answers.

Opera tells us their Hampton modern conference table looks fantastic in their new conference room, and so does their modern Asti modern executive desks. Separately, they were kind enough to share a picture or the Houston reception desk.


Hampton Mondern Conference Table

Asti Mondern Executive Desk

It is essential to 90 Degree Office Concepts to ensure that clients get their furniture in perfect condition. For this reason, furniture like opera's is completely assembled at the factory and inspected by a team of inspectors to know that each client receives perfect furniture.