Targeting an Effective Design Theme for your Modern Office Reception Area

Why is a design theme a challenge?

Effective Design Themes

Targeting a design theme for your reception area is pretty much like beginning to design a marketing strategy for your business. For an office reception area (like marketing copy) to be more than just beautiful design content, targeting the design theme to the audience is an important first step. While we all think of marketing to get customers attracted to our business, few consider continuing the attraction process once we have them at our workplace.

A targeted design theme helps to internally market your business

To be more effective at targeting a design theme or marketing, one of the first things any office reception area designer or marketer needs do is identify their buyer personas. This helps to better understand who the audience is that they should be addressing. If you're extending your marketing internally, it can be a big challenge not only to figure out the best design theme to capture the attention and interest of your audience, but also to organize and optimize your reception area for the different elements of visitation i.e.; customers, vendors and employment seekers.

What Can You Do?

To understand design targeting, it is important to start by understanding the key components of marketing; reading this blog post on 22 global marketing hacks and resources will help you understand some key factors of market targeting. There are some really helpful tips in there that'll help give you some direction on global and domestic marketing, including how to identify your top three growth markets, how to explore local trends, and tips on choosing the best localization providers. Incorporating marketing into your design theme can take your office reception area design to the next level.  

Your workplace visitors may speak different languages, have different cultures, and have a varity of interests. To make your design content appealing to a wide audience, you'll need to keep your visitors in mind as you devise a plan for a central theme and content. Keep your global visitors top-of-mind when creating all your content. This means being aware of visitor intent, seasonal associations, translating your business direction in ways relevant to visitor purpose. For ideas on how to facilitate an office design plan for your business this video provides some helpful planning and shopping tips. 

Finally, be sure you're optimizing your office reception for maximum relevant content. One of the first and most important decisions you'll need to make is which area of focus to give the most concentration. For tips on how to provide extreme value out of your reception area, contact us!

Effective Design

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