Stupid Reception Ideas will Net You Stupid Results

“Stupid is as stupid does” Forrest Gump’s mama. In reception area design, thoughtless is what thoughtless gets.

Who you are is what they think

Irrespective of what your brand is, or how you think of it, it will be remembered by the way you present it to the world, inside and out. If your brand is cheap, frugal, low cost, than present it in that way. If your brand is a quality brand, than position it as quality. You cannot be what your environment does not believe. If you want your customers to pay more for your brand, they must believe it is worthy of their spending. You may be a great company, but if you show up as bargain basement, that won’t get you to the penthouse in the minds of your customers.

Brand voice creates market share

“Share of voice is important. Nielsen Analytic Consulting and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising studied well over 100 packaged goods brands and found that those whose share of voice exceeded their share of the market were better able to catch up with competitors. The study emphasized the importance of the message as well, but it made the point that share gain can happen independent of message content.” Branding expert Steve McKee in his book Power Branding

Being remembered

What you say to your audience, the way you say it, and the times and ways it is repeated all add up to establishing beliefs about your brand.

Branding from the inside out

Internal branding is something that most entrepreneurs often pass over in place of spending branding and marketing dollars outside the office. We at 90 Degree Office Concepts believe branding should be consistent forming one solid pattern of thought.

The bottom line is this, if you don’t believe your brand to be worthy of the investment establishing the right mindset for you, why would you expect your customers to be any different?

Your reception area is usually the first inside representation of your brand visitors have of your company. How you represent it, is a mental contribution to what you want them to think of your brand. So if you are not overly concerned about how your brand shows up to them as they arrive, then don’t expect them to feel much different about it either.