Six Award-Winning Modern Conference Room Designs That Will Infuse You with Envy

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As you scroll through these design examples, you will find that each has its own design specialty. One design may have outstanding visuals; another may have other features that inspire you. This does not mean that all of these designs will be perfect for your conference room, or have elements you can copy. Rather, they will provide exceptional inspiration to motivate you to get on board the design train with your office meeting space.

Six Great Modern Conference Room Designs to Inspire You

Modern conference room - light designModern Conference Room: Light Design

1.  Not only is lighting an interesting concept, it challenges our expectations of what conference-room lighting can be. Using a creative blend of function, dissymmetry, and visual acuity, it engages the visitor in a complete conference experience. Whether you find this design usable or not, it offers the possibility of making lighting a more interesting part of your design.


Modern Conference Room lighting

2. This room takes a minimalist approach to modern conference-room design. Its clean white walls and straight, noncomplex conference table offer an unencumbered feeling of freedom. The design complexity of the walls, with their recessed lighting, offers no distraction from conference furniture, art, or flooring.


Creative Depart Conference Room

While this conference room may or may not be your cup of tea, it certainly excels in the creative department.

Cool, Modern Meeting Rooms

3. This modern conference room, though minimalistic in style, possesses a strong sense of art infusion. Through strong ceiling design and wall focus, the room comes alive in a very dramatic fashion.


Cool Modern Meeting Rooms

4. Though a distinctively modern meeting room, this chamber excels in warmth and masculinity. The solid wood table with natural edges, together with the greenery, brings the outdoors inside.

Compact lighting

5. In a world in which office meeting rooms are typically common in design, this one stands out from the crowd. Some might view this modern meeting room as risky; and although it is colorful, this one pulls it off.

Compact lighting

6. Strategic use of lighting gives this modern conference room a unique design, and changes the mood of the space in the process.

Meeting rooms are important. After all, a lot of good things come out of them: agreements, creative ideas, settlements, new directions, partnerships, new ventures, mergers, depositions, new hires, product and packaging designs, and more. You can either leave the emotions generated there to chance, or you can be proactive.