Shopping for the Perfect Modern Reception Furniture Pieces—and Don’t Know Where to Start?

Shopping for the Perfect Modern Reception Furniture Pieces—and Don’t Know Where to Start?

Once you’ve made up your mind about what your modern reception area should look and feel like—and once you’ve chosen your colors and budgeted your spend—it’s time to consider which reception furniture to buy. Whether you’re a startup or have seniority in your business, there’s a good chance you have some furniture pieces already. The question is, should you keep any of these pieces, or start out fresh? Where and how should you shop for the modern reception items you need? How should you go about it, to avoid making big mistakes?

My first suggestion is: look carefully at what you have already. It’s your business we are talking about here, and you want to establish a mental image for your visitors. So, if a piece of furniture looks or feels cheap, lose it. You don’t want to give off the wrong signals. If the style is dated, replace it. Unless your business is in antiques or the piece has some historical value, get rid of it. The last thing you want your visitors to think is that you lack innovative thinking.

Not clear about which items should stay or go? Think about bringing in an interior designer to help you with your project. If that route is not in the budget, consider calling 90 Degree Office Concepts for some friendly advice. We work with reception-area furniture design and help clients from all over the country select the best furniture for their space.

Now that you’ve examined your assemblage, you have one more step to complete before the shopping begins. Don’t buy a thing without first working out your entire reception area. Plan out your space including seating arrangements, area rugs, furniture to functionally provide for your visitors, window treatments, walls, and overhead and tabletop lighting. You need not worry about identifying every piece; however, you should have a general idea of what the end-result will look and feel like. It may help to create a project board with themes, pieces, and colors.

You may think it’s impossible to know which reception furniture to plug in until you know what’s in the marketplace. That’s where 90 Degree Office Concepts can help. If you have ideas in your mind that you want to bring to reality, we can build it for you. Perhaps you don’t know what you want. In that case, share your wish list with our design team, and let them come up with ideas for you. Spend some time on our website, looking through our vast selection of designs, materials, and colors. Still, don’t see what you want? Speak with our design team, and let them come up with ideas for you.

A designer may suggest purchasing primary pieces, like a modern reception desk, first. It doesn’t matter if you buy it first or not—the important thing is that your modern/contemporary reception desk is what will stand out most in your entryway. Take the time and care you need to make the statement your business needs. If your reception desk is going to be the standout piece in your space, you will want your other pieces to be understated.

Your visitors’ comfort is of the utmost importance. Don’t hesitate to purchase quality seating. Buy individual chairs whenever possible, and make them into the best sofa you can afford.

If you have a bunch of questions and need answers, feel free to ask for help.