Secrets about Selecting Office Furniture Resellers Don’t Want You to Know

Secrets about Selecting Office Furniture Resellers Don’t Want You to Know

It doesn’t take a Harvard degree for smart business people to understand the furniture you buy is only as good as the materials it’s made from and the craftsman that build it.

The problem you face

The problem is; most online shoppers are told little about materials and construction and never a thing about the builder. By keeping buyers uninformed, forces apple to bananas comparisons. Not good for the buyer!

Another problem is; even if given this information, without knowing differences or having comparatives and options, it would most likely be meaningless.

Understanding what your furniture is made out of gives you the ability to:

  • Control your spend
  • Control your furniture life-expectancy
  • Control image projection
  • Accurately compare products and prices
  • Make intelligent choices

We want you to get the best fit you can for your needs. For that reason, we offer you selections in materials, explain their characteristics, and clarify how your furniture is made and by whom.  

Materials make the difference how your furniture will:

  • Look and feel
  • Wear over time
  • Hold up under normal stress
  • Respond to external elements
  • Represent your brand
  • Affect the price you pay

grade furnituregrade furniture

grade furnituregrade furniture

grade furnituregrade furniture

People that build it will make the difference whether your furniture will:

  • Look and feel like commercial grade furniture
  • Have all the details that are indigenous to true office design and function
  • Have the right hardware and bonding agents to improve life cycle
  • Have perfect sizes, heights and fit indigenous to office performance
  • Have use of the right materials in the right places to avoid bowing and damage


free guiderating

A free guide to help

For these reasons and more, we are putting together a free comprehensive guide that will help you understand material options pros and cons. You will be able to self-evaluate the material JUST RIGHT for you. Before I get that to you…

About our builders

Our team of seasoned furniture builders comes to us naturally with years of experience in building furniture, but that’s not good enough. They are then trained how to build quality, commercial grade furniture our way. 

We have found there are many things about building commercial grade office furniture many furniture builders are unfamiliar with and require training and mentoring.

Our background comes from years spent remanufacturing most of the top office furniture brands on the planet. We have spent years talking directly to workers, studying work environments, devising tools to make them more productive, coaching and designing efficient workspaces. We now want to help you build the workplace that’s just right for you.

Call us for information you need to make informed choices: 855-699-0334

Image by TayebMEZAHDIA from Pixabay