Online Shopping Makes Outfitting Your Reception Area Challenging

Online Shopping Makes Outfitting Your Reception Area Challenging

When East Orlando Dental Association went in search of a pair or reception desks for their Orlando Florida office, they did what most modern, respectable companies do; they went shopping online. The problem they found was common…if they found the right desk, it was too small, if they found the right size it was the wrong color, and if they were lucky enough to find everything they need, it’s too expensive or had to wait much too long to get delivery. Welcome to the world of online shopping.

Fortunately for them, they found 90 Degree Office Concepts. The challenges for them were multiple. They had just experienced a flood in their office, everything they had was ruined and they needed furniture fast. On the other hand they were not willing to settle for just anything for the sake of having their office back together. They wanted furniture that represented the quality business that they are. They wanted their visitors to get that impression at first glance.

Together with the other woes they had, was getting a reception desk that was 90” x 90”. The experience they had in the past was that unwelcomed guests would make their way behind the reception desk creating unrest for the workers. That was an issue because the barrier was way too small and the opening too wide. They needed to extend the barrier to create an obvious line of demarcation between visitor and worker.

They had found desks that were generally the right idea of what they liked but, it was the wrong shape and the wrong color. EOD, sent that image over to 90 Degree Office for evaluation. By sharing the tweaks that were needed to make it just right, they were able to receive a full color rendering in 48 hours of submitting the requests. EOD received finishing samples to select from within days of placing the order, and in two weeks’ time, the their two reception desks, together with matching files were ready to deliver to them in their chosen size, color, and design.

We live in an age where online shopping has become the way of the world. The problem is finding just the right pieces to enhance something that is as important as your business can be challenging.

Albany Modern Reception desk

Albany Modern Reception Desk