Modern Reception Areas: How Design Flexibility is Changing the Landscape of Business Thinking

Modern Reception Areas: How Design Flexibility is Changing the Landscape of Business Thinking

Years ago, modern reception area design was as foreign to business owners as speaking Swahili to the average American. However, in this day and age, more and more companies are starting to focus on how their businesses look up front—and the messages this area conveys. They are beginning to realize that the impression they make at first—and the impression visitors leave with—represents an important factor in their business success.

Shark Tank’s Robert Herjavec described his experience of seeing people for the first time when they come into the Tank: “I can tell twenty-five things about you before you open your mouth.” For the same reason, company owners relaize that now more than ever, customers must be able to perceive crucial elements of their company at first sight.

In years past, the options that companies had to fulfill a design request for their modern office was either in the hands of a professional designer, or a pieced-together process using design details and furniture they found ready-made. Designers are still a great resource to help you with your modern office design, but let’s face it: not everyone can afford to pay a professional design fee to modernize their office. As a substitute, many companies have resorted to DIY office design.

Companies like 90 Degree Office Concepts have made it easy for professional designers and DIY designers to put together a modern reception area without spending a fortune. Rather than being limited to a modern reception desk available in one or two sizes, in colors like cherry, mahogany, or maple, you now have the flexibility to focus on personal design elements that are truly relevant to your business. As a result, businesses are reaping huge dividends.

In the case of Plastic-Metals Technologies, Inc. of Oregon, the team got together and decided on design elements that were relevant to the theme of their company—as well as the function of the user.

They opted for the Anaheim modern reception deck, duplicated their company colors and employed materials used in their business (like aluminum) while maximizing the space they had available in their building for their modern reception area. In this way, they gave attention to the amount of space they wanted open for face-to-face customer communication…as well as custom-sized filing and storage they wanted to include so they could do business the way they wanted and needed.

About PMT: Headquartered in Tigard, just south of Portland, Oregon, Plastic-Metals Technologies and PMT Shielding Solutions is an industry leader in vacuum metallizing, principally engaged in the aerospace, defense, medical, and highly reflective coatings industries. Providing EMI/RFI shielding solutions for advanced technology systems in these industries has allowed them to expand their ability to bring you the latest available solutions for your company needs.

Modern reception area design flexibility is changing the way many companies think about and project their businesses to visiting customers. Gone are the days of settling for an imperfect design that barely suits your business.

Treasure Garden, a unique umbrella manufacturer, wanted modern reception desks for their Las Vegas showroom. They wanted reception desks that reflected their quality modern products. Treasure Garden selected two back-to-back brushed aluminum radius-front reception desks with white lacquer accents. They felt this style was ultra-modern, able to blend effectively with their high line products, and muted enough to avoid overpowering their colorful products.

About Treasure Garden: Since 1984, Treasure Garden has manufactured the widest selection of shade products in the world. They offer more than 25,000 choices of shade umbrellas and accessories. From their premier AKZ Cantilevers in 5 sizes to their best-selling Collar Tilt markets in 3 sizes, Treasure Garden has the perfect shade solution for your outdoor environment.

Modern reception area design flexibility provides companies with the benefit of expressing the character they feel is indigenous to their businesses. They want their customers and visitors to see their companies with the design perspective they have intentionally planned…rather than leave it all to chance. Gone are the days of settling for a not-so-perfect design that “kind of” suits your business.