Modern Reception Areas: Design Thinking Best-Suited to Your Business

Modern Reception Areas: Design Thinking Best-Suited to Your Business

As easy as it may seem, buying modern reception furniture is no quick, fast, get-’er-done matter. It is something that requires thought, planning, and a bit of creativity. Without those things, you will most likely buy reception furniture that your business will need to work for, rather than allowing the reception furniture you buy to work for your business. What do I mean by that?

Your Business has a Reception Area Process, Whether You Planned It or Not

Whether you think about it and plan for it or not, your business has evolved into a process, or way of doing things, that has made you successful. If not, NOW is a good time to start planning. As part of the way you do things (process), you need the right tools to help you work better, faster and/or more productively. Without thinking through the process, chances are you will be handed a plan someone else has made for you.

Planning is a Great Start, But You May Need Help

Planning Modern Office Design

When Brittany, while planning the design of a modern reception desk for one of her international resort facilities, went shopping for a reception desk, she had very specific ideas in mind as to how the business needed to operate, look, and feel.

Although she did not know how to get there at first, she was off to a great start.

She wanted a reception desk with a modern style. It had to fit in with the existing design scheme (colors, texture, and style). It could not be deeper than 24", and had to fit the length of the area (already in place). It had to represent the company as upscale, and users needed to be able to stand (not sit). The desk needed to have storage space for forms, brochures, etc., and a transaction top deep enough for guests to stand while filling out and signing forms and viewing brochures.

As she went shopping in the marketplace, she found vendors that tried to adapt standard, ready-made furniture to her needs. She was offered standard credenzas (to compensate for storage) with reception desk risers, but who wants to look at the back of a credenza? She was offered straight reception desks, but they were too deep, had no storage, and were not standing-height.

Adapting Your Reception Area Designs to Your Business, or…

Now, I suppose Brittany could have adapted the way her company did business to suit the design of the furniture. I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems backward. The purpose of spending your hard-earned money on modern office furniture should be to get the help you need to do your business better, make your business look appealing, and allow you to function more easily without having to mortgage the farm to get it done. Do you agree?

Getting Design Help

When she ran across 90 Degree Office Concepts, we took her by the proverbial hand and showed her how all the things she had been offered before would not work (not as a sales pitch, but as helpful advice) for the way her company needed to do business. We showed her how to take the design she wanted for the business, and put everything together to get the exact outcome she desired, i.e., design, fit, quality, storage, function, and budget.

Your Reception Area Design Matters More Than You May Think

Mimas Modern Reception Desk

Just as it does for Brittany’s business, the design of your reception area matters—even more than most people think. Your reception area is the first experience most people will have of your company. This experience needs to be combined with all of the functional details that make your business look, feel, and function great. The problem is, most people don’t know how to get there.

Things You Need to Think About and Plan For

Take some time to think through the process, detail by detail, function by function, and make a list of all of the functions and processes you need to have up front. Then think about tools, layout, size, customer and user height, transaction space, your customer and user visibility area, storage, and wheelchair approach and access.

Playful Modern Reception Desk

Playful Modern Reception Area

When you are finished thinking through all of your functional needs and identifying the tools you need to work better, take a look at the mental aspects. What do you want your customers to think about when they enter your reception area? How do you want them to feel? What do you want them to learn about your business without asking? Which furniture materials will effectively support the function, look, and feel of your desired outcome?

Colorful Modern Reception

Organized, Colorful Modern Reception

If you don’t STOP, THINK, and PLAN for your business activities, someone else has already planned your business for you.

90 Degree Office Concepts can help.