Modern Reception Areas-A Place to Communicate Your Brand’s DNA

Love at first sight

Like Britany, love at first sight for your brand is generated mainly by an emotional attraction. In the beginning, (in most cases) that attraction is based upon something you see insofar as very little may be known up front about what the brand is about. Like dating, if the brand can impress the customer, there is a good chance the customer may stick around for more.

Usually, the reason one will stick around for more is if they have an amazing experience during that first encounter.

Brand attraction through DNA

We at 90 Degree Office Concepts believe if your brand communicates areas of common interest with your customer, there is a chance for seduction. Kerry Szymanski, in her book: Seduce Your Customers; she calls this your brand’s “DNA.”

“The DNA of your brand can be defined as the key elements of your brand, and these key elements are the most important factors in creating the essence of your brand. For example, the DNA of McDonald’s could be “fast,” “convenient,” and “affordable.” And have for the lifetime of the brand.”

Creating endearing characteristics

Establishing two or three key characteristics about your brand and carrying those factors through in everything that your customers see’s (both inside and outside the company’s workplace) is a great way of creating attraction to customers that find those characteristics endearing. What would you like your brand’s DNA to communicate? By establishing your brand’s DNA up front, will save you time and energy by making connections only with perfect suitors.

Having your reception areas reflect your key brand elements

Your reception area is the perfect place to visually carry through those DNA elements about your brand that are important to customers you wants to attract. Visual communication is far more effective than anything you can possibly say. Close your eyes any come up with three words you will like your brand to communicate. These words will guide you in your reception area design, reception desk selection, as well as marketing and advertising.