Modern Office Furniture - Why Custom Manufacturing is the New Design Trend

Modern Office Furniture - Why Custom Manufacturing is the New Design Trend

Aside from your home, nothing is more personal and detail-specific than your business workspace. Getting more personalized, flexible and organized seems to drive the new trend that is propelling custom manufactured office furniture to scale the stereotypical walls of office design mediocrity; helping business owners personalize their business ideas visually and functionally.

Creating Modern Office Design Trends

Modern office furniture and design trends are created by you, the creative people buying it. When we talk about trends, we are not referencing silly fads, that’s different. Trends in office design are the passionate flow of things that are results-driven, designs that help businesses look and function better.

By design, nothing aids workplace visual and functional design acuity more so than modern office furniture created specifically for your business. Custom manufactured office furniture allows you to encapsulate use and design elements together in one small space. Whereby standard processed furniture forces the use of two or three furniture pieces to serve business needs, creative custom manufactured office furniture enables the ability to conserve space and dollars by consolidation.

Modern Office Design-Trending Balance

The idea behind a custom designed workplace is not just to have a few cool pieces of furniture, your business is more than merely the sum of its parts. The idea is to engage the user and visitor alike in an experience that connects them with the personal goals and ideals of your business - the perfect workspace!

Self-Expression Trending Upward

Hungtington Modern Conference Table

Custom office furniture manufacturer 90 Degree Office Concepts product pipeline is flooded with new trends and ideas from clients nationally. “What they are seeing is a trend towards self-expression reflect in the designs for their business. Business owners are no longer satisfied with status quo. They want their reception areas and workspaces to speak to the business’s attitude and image. They are a little more daring with color. They gravitate to wood grains or solid colors and punch it up with bold accents.”

Businesses have found the way to incorporate a punched of colors by purchasing custom designed furniture. Color preferences for the business normally design specific, derived by company colors, colors that work with preexisting elements or some other design criteria. Finding the perfect color match in the standard marketplace is almost impossible to do.

Office Design with Practical Mindedness

On the other side of visual design, we have found clients desirous of more functional, practical environments without sacrificing design preferences. They want workspaces that support the way they work. They often want modern office furniture that can serve double duty. Bates Trucking wanted a high-end custom designed boardroom table that works double duty as a training room when not in use as a conference room. Clients are intergrading short-term meeting spaces into their modern reception desks to avoid having a separate conference space.

While double duty furniture is a great way to conserve on space, lower costs and inculcate visitor/user convenience, custom designed furniture is in most cases the only way to accomplish design specific functions.

Designing for Image

Companies are becoming increasingly concerned about image. They want to look modern. They want to be visually relevant. It doesn’t matter where they are located geographically, companies are looking to set their image bar high, they want to set the mood for visitors right up front. They are also concerned about workers and their personal space.

Designing for Mood and Culture

Today’s interior designers are helping clients set the perfect mood for their workspace. They are showing clients the hand and glove relationship between mood and culture. Getting both correct is helping companies organize feelings workers have, and at the same time adding stability to their culture.

Designing for Work Style

As the cost of real estate continues to rise, the need for collaboration is in constantly in demand and more people are working outside the office, companies want to redefine their workspace to be more in line with their work style. What we are seeing is companies are breaking out of the mold of what office design was thought to be and stepping into a space that is suited for the flexibility they need to work better.

Designing Offices for Function

While workspaces have become smaller and more open, the need remains for personal space. To create the balance between the two seemingly opposite dimensions, materials like glass and acrylic have trended upward. Whereby glass creates simulated privacy (even more so when tinted), the transparency allows collaborative environments to stay focused. Balance!

As business owners take their business more personal, the more we feel the demand for custom manufactured office furniture will trend upward. Getting personal means; creating workplace designs that allow the passion for the business to self-express, focus on tools, configurations, and schemes that will enhance visitor and user experience, and always be on the lookout to improve what is, visually and functionally forward.

Getting Help

90 Degree Office Concepts has built a business model around helping clients take an affordable design step forward in making business more expressive and functional. Need some ideas for your business? 

Call us at 90 Degree Office Concepts for the help you need to make your meeting spaces visually and functionally above-average!

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