Modern Office Furniture Shoppers Are Going Wild Over These New Edgy Products

Modern Office Furniture Shoppers Are Going Wild Over These New Edgy Products

When was the last time you were told you looked like someone else? You were elated, insulted, or ambivalent, depending on the person in question. Bottom line, everyone likes looking attractive, being their own person, or being compared with someone thought to be tops in that field of comparison.

Compliments are not easy to come by, especially in an average environment. Those who care about the impression they make on others will go out of their way to make sure they look attractive in what they wear, their makeup, haircut, and maintain their health and hygiene.

The same philosophy applies to office makeup, health, and hygiene. Whether in a modern conference room, an executive office suite, or especially in a modern reception area, everyone likes to be noticed for their work, creativity, and selection in office design. To get compliments for modern office design, one must focus on not being part of the crowd.

Companys design uniforms to make everyone look alike so that anyone can quickly identify they are part of the same team. Conversely, the opposite is true about modern office design. When it comes to business, the focus is on differentiation. The question we live by is how I can look, smell and taste differently from my competitor. While that question is an active ingredient in every business, why are so many companies willing to look alike? Why are so many companies willing to put their modern office furniture in a cart and have it shipped without caring that everyone else looks the same?

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we specialize in taking the legwork out of companies looking for that unique, mind-blowing modern conference table with a matching credenza, inspiring reception desk for their lobby, or super cool executive desk. The idea is to help each company find office furniture that matches their company’s personality.

Some companies’ personality leans more toward the conservative side, while others toward edgy designs. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we believe modern office furniture should mirror the company’s projected image. If you are a tech company born to have new ideas or an advertising company where creativity is a must, you must look the part. However, although modern might be your vibe, we can tone down the edge if your company needs to reflect safety, trust, and stability. With this article, we want a chance to speak to our friends that have a passion for the edgy modern office style.

Santorini Modern Executive Desk
Santorini Modern Executive Desk

The Santorini modern executive desk brings an edge to the modern office for several reasons:

  • The unique shape makes it different from classic style executive desks
  • The drawers are angled away from the user to offer more knee space
  • The drawers are all touch open. No need for a drawer pull to bump knees
  • Drawer sides in brushed metal as opposed to classic laminate, or wood veneer
  • The desktop edge detail in brushed metal
  • Desk grommets make it easy to quickly drop wires inside the desk so as not to be visible


Alpharetta Modern Reception Desk
Alpharetta Modern Reception Desk

The Alpharetta modern reception desk delivers an element of edge to the company’s lobby. Here are a few reasons why:

  • The erratic lines on the face and desk sides
  • The inset with the metallic edge
  • The gloss finish that reflects the brilliance
  • The open front allows a more intimate customer experience


Chambery Modern Conference Table
Chambery Modern Conference Table

Although simplistic, the Chambery modern conference table offers a unique modern design and provides a unique sense of edginess. Here’s why:

  • The color white is very striking in a modern conference room
  • The metal accent on the table bases provides an eye-catching visual contrast
  • The metal sub edge that runs the perimeter is eye-catching
  • The clean square look offers a very modern style

Why choose edgy modern office furniture?

Not all modern office furniture is edgy, and not all edgy office furniture is modern. Modern office furniture attracts attention. Edgy office furniture will evoke a lot of compliments. Not every company is comfortable with “edgy” office furniture. Some companies don’t have the vibe to put it off properly.

Sometimes, a simple color change can lower the visual impact of your modern reception desk or conference table. Other times a material change can reduce the striking effect of your furniture. The good news is that working with 90 Degree Office Concepts, you have a lot of design tools at your disposal to create the look best suited for you.