Modern Office Furniture: Purely Functional, or Creative Work of Art?

Modern Office Furniture: Purely Functional, or Creative Work of Art?

Some might argue that the purpose of modern office furniture is to simply to provide personnel with an optimal location and the appropriate tools to do their work. Conversely, in recent years, many have sought out office furniture that is reflective of a modern art form.

The basic function of any modern office is pretty much the same. There is information intake, with each department bringing in knowledge from various sources. Next, the office assembles knowledge into intelligent formats, recording it into organized locations for ease of retrieval. Records are kept before, during, and after events. Knowledge is processed and arranged in ways that management can access and interpret. Numbers and statistics are reviewed to make intelligent decisions about company advancement. Aging records are maintained for reflection, if needed. All modern companies need be organized to receive and communicate information, one department to another.

To complement function, modern offices often seek out key pieces of furniture that resemble works of art. In days past, offices were designed with drab walls, basic square wood or metal desks, cubical boxes aligned in rows, and gray commercial-grade carpeting throughout.

If you want to move past these old ideas and enter the arena of a modern-day office filled with creative works of art, stay with me.

What is modern creative art in office design?

When you can feel the pain of the modern-day office worker who must endure the lifeless experience of being stuck in a boring office environment day in and day out, you will want to change that experience for them.

Beyond a functional workplace, the modern office worker wants to experience ambient creativity. They want to spend their time in place that looks and feels inspiring. They want to know the office is set up in a way that allows them to be both comfortable and productive.

Things like balanced lighting, natural greenery, and artfully designed office furniture are all paths to a more enjoyable experience at work.

Let’s look a little further into the idea of modern office furniture as creative art.

What is great creative art in office furniture?

There are endless answers to this question. As with any type of art, the answers are subjective. There are four broad types of esthetics to consider. You can evaluate the importance of each when selecting modern office furniture with artistic flair.

Great technical ability of the creator

One will need to appreciate the ability of the designer. British philosopher Roger Scruton wrote, “A person for whom it makes no difference whether a sculpture was carved by wind and rain or by human hand would be a person incapable of interpreting, indeed incapable of perceiving, sculpture.”

If any type of modern office furniture from any company will work, and there is no forethought about ability, history, or the satisfaction rating of others and their experience, all creative effort is lost.

Will the piece be enjoyed?

The idea behind modern creative, artistic office furniture is that it should be appreciated. When people look at it or use it, what feelings will it generate? How will those feelings be expressed? Feelings in the modern office environment can be shared in the form of verbal compliments. At other times, nothing at all needs to be said; feelings of appreciation are expressed in the actions and emotions of those working in the space.

Feelings conveyed by the piece

As expressed by Tolstoy, the object of a work of art is to elicit feeling in the viewer, reader, or listener. Artful modern office furniture is the perfect opportunity to do just that while making a statement about your business. It can tell your audience if you are conservative, edgy, earthy, or techy. Add emotions like confidence, happiness, optimism, and cheerfulness, to name just a few.

How a beautiful environment helps those using the space

Oftentimes, the benefits of an artfully designed modern office environment get lost in its cost. Because there are limited ways to quantify results like happiness, inspiration, joy, and camaraderie, intangibles are overshadowed by expense in the modern workplace environment.

What should an artfully done modern reception desk cost versus these intangibles? How could a quality modern conference table benefit your business in terms of bottom-line numbers? How would a modern buffet credenza enhance your meetings when used effectively?

Unfortunately, there are no direct numbers to demonstrate the value of artistry in the modern office.

However, as designers and builders of creative reception desks, unique conference tables, and unconventional executive desks, we get to experience the excitement of the entire office staff in anticipation of their new office furniture in every case. Separately, we receive countless emails from clients sharing the compliments they get from their customers—even from people walking by their reception area in the hallway.

The compliments, thoughts, and ideas of these spectators are all relevant opinions about your business. People automatically associate the feeling they get with the company itself; there is no separation. Brand experience has value.

So, yes! Modern office furniture is more than a functional, isolated piece of wood sitting in a room where workers sit to do a job. It can be a truly beneficial work of art.