Modern Office Design Secrets Only Insiders Know

Modern Office Design Secrets Only Insiders Know

When designing a new modern office, you are probably looking for ways to save time and money while reducing stress. If you are moving into a new office space, there’s a boatload of things you’ll need to do, and in most cases, not a lot of time in which to get it done. Here are some tips to help make your office design work run more smoothly, so you can get things done on time—and save a bundle.

Organize your to-do list according to a timeline.

Most people handle their move—and the design of their new office—by checking off things they believe to be most important first. Sometimes, the tasks they believe to be most important are, in reality, simply the ones that take a shorter amount of time to accomplish.

In many cases, crucial items like selection and delivery of your office furniture may require a longer time frame than other tasks. Try deciding on your modern office design and getting your order placed early in the design process. Most people don’t plan their purchases in a timely manner; therefore, they are often stressed, and have to settle for things they would not otherwise have chosen. Similarly, they spend more money than they would have liked, just to fill a void.

Plan your design scheme in advance.

Many people approach designing their modern office by the seat of their pants. They put together a collection of things they like without planning for occupancy, traffic flow, function space, furniture scale, and seat groupings.

Having your modern office furniture look great in your workplace is one thing, but if the space doesn’t function well, it takes away from the visual design and focuses unwanted attention on disorganization. Try planning out your space using one of the many computer software programs available…or even graph paper. What’s important is that you know the sizes you need, and how and where it all fits together.

Don’t forget—it’s a business.

The purpose of your business should not be overshadowed by your design enthusiasm. Sometimes, the visual design aspect of putting together a really cool modern office can take over the very thing we do best, how we outshine the competition—and we forget to find ways to work things into our design features. Don’t forget to work your business ideas into the design in unique, attractive ways that will capture the interest of your visitors.

Go for feeling.

It doesn’t matter what you say—people remember more about how you make them feel. Your workspace design represents a great opportunity to capture the feelings of everyone who occupies or visits your business.

Think through the feelings you want people to have about your business, and then ask yourself: What I can use to make people feel that way? What colors can I employ that relate to that feeling? For example, primary colors are thought to be fun and playful; earth tones (and the use of water) are considered relaxing, natural, and healthy. 


It can become an apples-to-oranges comparison, but that doesn’t matter. What people will remember the most is the way they felt when they were in your company’s presence.

These are just a few modern office design tips that can help you design your next office space better and faster…while capturing the nature of your business through design.

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 Image by TayebMEZAHDIA from Pixabay