Modern Office Design… Always Be “Bettering”

Modern Office Design… Always Be “Bettering”

It’s tempting to be boring…make boring products…or occupy a boring space. Boring is devoid of criticism. It meets spec. It causes no friction or tension. Everyone knows what to expect, and if a product meets the comparative mindset, everyone is happy.

And if everyone is happy, no one is unhappy.

The issue is this: People who are satisfied with being boring are fixed on just one solution. They are not expanding. They aren’t looking to create better solutions. They don’t want to upset the apple cart.

Every company decides where they want to be on the “boring” ladder. New and boring don’t live on the same ladder rung. Companies that are okay with the way they do things—the way things already look and feel—are actively avoiding the new and different.

Modern office furniture can also be boring. When a company designs a modern conference table, executive desk, or contemporary reception desk, they often make just enough effort in the design department to call it modern. That’s as far up the design ladder as they’ll go.

Rapidly growing cycles require us to continuously seek out and try new ideas to keep complacency from creeping in. In this space, we’ve learned that the people we can serve are those who are dissatisfied with the status quo; those who are curious and habitually resist boredom. No one else will be interested.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we know that by creating things that are different, we are offering an opportunity for free thinkers to express themselves in ways that align with how they view themselves. We want to connect with the small segment of the market that is always looking, learning, creating, solving, and believing in what’s next. In other words, those who are interested in “BETTERING.”

Modern office furniture allows you to demonstrate your company’s intent of “bettering” your forward-thinking vision. In a thoughtfully appointed space, the look and feel of a modern reception desk (one that demonstrates some creativity) immediately sends the silent message that your company has it together.