Making Custom Reception Stations Fit Your Mold

We are willing to bet, given all the right choices, you will probably opt to change almost any piece of furniture you may ever consider buying if cost wasn’t an objection. Think about it… Maybe the size could be 6” bigger to fill out your space perfectly. Maybe the material needs to change a little to be more or less pricey to balance between the look you want and the best fit for your budget. Just maybe, the color isn’t exactly the right match to highlight the elements currently in your office.

Possibly, you have been willing to accept what’s available in the office furniture marketplace just because that’s all there is, or maybe you think, (as most often the case) custom office furniture is just out of your budget range, or maybe still, you don’t have months to wait for your furniture.

90 Degree Office furniture has put a stop to all those former realities, here’s how…

Our furniture is never made somewhere else, boxed and just waiting for you to buy what everyone else has before you. We realize that you are an individual, with your own ideas and preferences, and we want to help you have it your way. Take our designs, change the size, material or color and we will build it the way you like. We are the designer and builder and we sell direct to you thereby saving you a bundle. And in most cases we can turn your furniture around in just a few weeks. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.  855-699-0334