Making Creativity in Your Business an Inside Out Affair

Making Creativity in Your Business an Inside Out Affair

Businesses often start from a single creative idea, often had by one person for an innovative service or product. The challenge? No idea, irrespective of how creative it is, in its original form, ever lasts forever. New ideas come to the forefront to supplant old ones, and old one evaporates with new ones giving rise to trendiness. When paradigms change in science, technology, and societies shift, the world thinks and conducts itself differently. If businesses do not replicate these shifts, they will often come to see themselves on the proverbial ropes, giving up the way forward to those with more fluid thinking. This necessitates a constant forward expression of creativity.

Companies need structure, systems, organization, and formulas in today's business arena to operate without pandemonium. So we get structure is essential. However, creativity is also needed to be part of the mix in a balanced proportion. Without that balance, a company can find itself lacking in one area or the other.

Continual changes in the way companies think and dress (if you will) needs to become more the norm than practiced in days gone by. A perfect example of this balanced thinking is the once-accepted environmental pollution caused by businesses as a necessary evil to realize the level of production needed. So, out of a change in thinking (how can we have this AND that?), the question began to be asked; how can we have production and be eco-responsible simultaneously? From that question, the quest for green consciousness came to life.

In a relatable fashion, creativity in business is not extremely different. Being willing to ask different questions, even if the immediate answers are nowhere close to the required outcome or original question. Questions like: How can I make life more meaningful through this business? How can I contribute more meaning to myself, employees, and the people who buy and use my product or service? There are a plethora of possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

A paradigm shift to becoming more creative in business requires first being open to asking better, more challenging questions. Next, making an extraordinary shift in how the company looks, feels, and runs. Finally, a business where goals extend further than simply having a single focus, which is only profit-driven, helps balance the equation.

Ideas for compensation: leisure time, meditation breaks, or even availability for spiritual enlightenment and environmental improvements. What if community responsibilities were part of company participation? How about meaningful jobs whereby the company can contribute directly or indirectly to individuals in industry employment. Hiring consultants to improve employee mental health is another indirect way of remuneration. Include workers in production research. Beautifying and modernizing workspaces.

When businesses adopt a more creative approach to development within the organization, the whole organization, its services, and customers benefit from its results. When creativity comes from the very beingness of the company rather than something that is bought, hired, or stolen, creativity becomes part of the organization's natural fiber. With that in mind, the company must make creativity part of their DNA for that to occur. It must "look the part," "feel the part," and think it as well.

For that reason, we at 90 Degree Office Concepts work directly and creatively with clients to help them choose the best look and feel for their business.

Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels