How to Get the Best Value Out of Your Reception Desk Purchase

How to Get the Best Value Out of Your Reception Desk Purchase

Diamonds and rubies have value of a certain kind to many people. Family may has value of a different kind to others, and high speed internet offers up a completely different value to still others.

Consider type of value first

When considering selecting a reception desk for your workplace and deciding on its value, it is important to first consider the type of value you are looking for. Without a clear understanding of what that is, it is impossible to reach the best solution for your question. While that may seem like an extremely basic starting point, my experience dictates, many people are often confused.

The purpose of this article is to consider reception desk possible options and build a personal value judgement from that point. The outcome of this article is mainly suggestive and is not conclusive.

Consider reception area by category

There are several things one might look for when in the market to purchase a reception desk, here are a few; function, impact, life-expectancy, and wear ability. Each thing provides a distinctly different value. So you might say reception desk value is categorical, rather than a question of which reception desk possesses value.

The price you pay for a receptionist desk is often a valid consideration for most people however the rhetorical question is; if you get the lowest price and not get the primary things you consider valuable, have you gotten value? On the other hand, if you get all the things you value and overspend your budget, have you gotten value?


Believe it or not, despite common belief to the contrary, having the right tools can actually help you do your work better. When considering the purchase of a reception desk, you need to ask yourself; who will be using the furniture, what jobs will he or she be performing, and what tools will they need to do work the “way they work.”

Sometimes that work means having a large surface area to spread work out. Sometimes that work means; having storage facilities and other times it means having open facilities to greet visitors and interact with them. With other job functions, relative privacy is a needed element.

Selecting the best reception area design for your type of business and the job at hand may be a valuable solution to save worktime, better organization and enhanced visitor experience.


How a reception desk impacts ones business is a value that is often disregarded by some.

The look and feel of your reception area is a communication tool, how and what it says about your business can add value beyond words. That’s true because the visual impact is traveling to your visitor’s brains faster than the words coming out of your mouth. Separately, when the words coming out of your mouth is different than what your visitors see, chances are they are going to believe what they see.

The value your reception area design brings to the table is one that cannot often be quantified, but we know it exists because it is within people’s nature to make judgements based upon what they see.

Life expectancy

How long your reception furniture lasts is a question of real dollars spent or saved. Furniture life expectance is mainly a question of construction materials and construction quality. With the absence of either, how long your reception furniture lasts will be questionable. So the real question that needs answering first when considering purchasing a reception desk is; how long do you want your furniture to last and then work backwards.

By way of example: if you spend $1K on a reception desk and it last two years, your real cost is $500 per year. If spend $2K on a reception desk and it lasts for ten years, your cost is now $200 per year. In most cases life expectancy values are purely about economics and convenience.

Wear Ability

Wear ability begs the question as to how long you want your furniture to look good. That may seem like a stupid question, however the fact of the matter is some materials handle day to day commercial use, as in a reception area environment, much better than others.

The type of care you give to your furniture is also a big factor. The more your furniture is protected, cleaned and thought given to how it’s used, the longer your furniture will last. However, accidents happen, particularly in a work environment.

The type of material you select for your reception desk will have wear characteristics indigenous to that material. Some materials have thin coatings and easy to scratch, others are brittle and susceptible to cracking, and still others have stronger material cores which retain fasteners better thus providing more durability.


How to get the best value out of your reception desk purchase?

To attempt to shrink a reception desk’s value to a single fact is a tough job, that’s because at the end of the day establishing values depends upon questions you need to ask yourself about your business. What is the definition of reality and considerations for your business?

Ultimately, the best reception desk choice for you depends clearly upon the stipulations of purpose you bring to the table. However if you need help understanding options, material advantages, shortcomings and how they relate to your goals, give us a call or shoot us an email and we at: reception-stations will be happy to help you create real value in your reception area.