How to Buy a Custom Made Modern Reception Desk at A Price You Pick.

How to Buy a Custom Made Modern Reception Desk at A Price You Pick.

“Custom made” sounds expensive

There are certain words when you hear them, your mind without further thought clicks the expensive box. Words like elite, luxury and exclusive are just a few that make you hold tightly onto your wallet when you hear them. Among those words are the words “custom made.”

When you are thinking about a modern reception desk, however, that does not have to be the case. Here’s why…

Modern receptions desks don’t have to be expensive

90 Degree Office Concepts has created a business model that practically allows you to select the price you want to pay. Sound crazy? Not really!

3 Things affect the price of your reception desk

There are three things that basically control the cost of your custom made modern reception desk i.e.; material selection, design complexity, and furniture design talent.

Perhaps you don’t have a talent for furniture design. That’s okay because we have helped many, many company decision makers, just like you, design the perfect reception desk for their office.

It’s no secret, ingredients always contribute to the cost of anything. For that reason, we at 90 Degree Office Concepts have made a point to explore and utilize many of the beautiful and unique materials available in the marketplace. We can help you find the best material to suit your personal budget.

Pick your modern reception desk price

You can practically choose your furniture cost by selecting a design that has the perfect balance between labor and material cost.

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