Florida Sports Fan Takes Office Design to the Unthinkable…

Football season is here again in full pads (excuse my pun). When it comes to sports, intelligent human beings lose themselves in the realm of fanatical behavior; they paint their faces, carry fences, tout signs of rage and even wear costumes that would rival any child’s Halloween behavior.

Each game is a reason to celebrate; therefore we have tailgate parties, cooking food in stadium parking lots, pitching tents and boasting an undying commitment to the cause. Mention a word of disbelief, and you run the risk of being verbally trampled upon, the recipient of some not-so-choice words. This is the human side of sports.

The world is flooded with football paraphernalia; we have jerseys, we have chairs and tables and ashtrays, towels and tote bags, planks and autographed hats, shirts and even footwear. On the technology side of things we have video games, analytical software, and betting sites, not to mention imaginary football (Fantasy). It just seems to be no end to what is available to buy in the name of sports. Even if there is an item that a fan will never use, if it has a favorite sports logo on it, a loyal fan is all in.

The most recognized sport in America is Football. The results of a poll indicated by the Associated Press states almost half the population of the country (49%) profess to be a fan of one pro football team or another. In fact, they estimated revenues generated more than nine billion dollars last year. So widespread is its fan base that the Super Bowl is the most-watched program of the year.

Want to go to a Super Bowl? The average price of a ticket in the secondary market is more than $2,500. Interestingly enough 1% of the fans say that they would be willing to pay $10,000 to see their team play in the Super Bowl.

Based upon a certain set of evaluations (listed below), Forbes posted an article that highlights the intensity of the pro football fan base. Leading the list, the Dallas Cowboys is posted as having the most committed and loyal fan base. Here they along with other top teams ranking in the fanatical hierarchy:



Television Merchandise Social Media
Fan Club
1  Dallas Cowboys 1 8 2
2  Greenbay Packers 6 10 
3  Pittsburg Stealers 11 2 1 3 8
4  New England Patriots 6 9 3 4 6
5  Indianapolis Colts 6 12 15 5 3
6  New Orleans Saints 17 1 8 2 13
7  Denver Broncos 3 9 9 9 15
8  Chicago Bears 2 14 6 21 5
9  Baltimore Ravens 5 5 13 10 20
10  Philadelphia Eagles 6 16 6 13 11

Fan enthusiasm has taken a Florida CEO (who prefers to remain anonymous) to a degree of team support that would be unthinkable by most. They hired 90 Degree Office Concepts, a custom office furniture design-build team of American craftsman, to design their new office, one that would rival any sports fan’s patriotism. 90 Degree Office Concepts specializes in fashioning offices and commercial workspaces around branding and company culture.

The design shows; artificial turf with simulated yard lines replicating a football field. Featured in this presentation is a reception desk that emulates a football, using individual ribbing and finished in colored lacquer. A spokesperson from 90 Degree Office Concepts says: “We can design this desk, or any other, using any preferred team colors.” Positioned at the extremities’ of this football-shaped reception desk is a simulated, yet functional goal post with lights overhead. The rear wall artwork captures the enthusiasm of a cheering fan base.

For all those CEO’s that want to show their loyalty to the cause, 90 Degree Office Concepts has produced a series of modern reception furniture and designs that are geared toward the support side of team enthusiasm. For all those that will stop at little to rally the team, you can get your very own office furniture designed for your business’s reception area in your team colors with supporting concepts.