Farasis Energy finds the perfect reception station

Farasis Energy finds the perfect reception station

Buying reception furniture online can be time consuming and risky business. After all there is often days spent on research and there is uncertainty if you will receive what you think you bought.

Searching for reception furniture online is often time wasted

When Farasis Energy, Inc. went looking for a modern reception desk for their expanded facility in Hayward, CA, in the San Francisco Bay area, they looked high and low, open to any option that would be suitable in size and presentation for their impressive facility. After searching for some time, they could not find the perfect fit for their needs. By happenstance they discovered 90 Degree Office Concepts.

When I first spoke with the facility organizer, he had some pretty specific ideas about what they wanted; it had to be long enough to fill out the designated space, while not being too long to impede the doorway. It had to have clean lines and a radius end. It had to be wood veneer and have modular flexibility so as to change radius end if they decided to reposition the desk to another side of the reception area.

Searching for the perfect reception furniture can be frustrating

He sent several emails in an attempt to articulate what they were looking for, including but not limited to pictures of products that fit the bill in some ways but not in others. It’s kind of a personal thing with me to try and get inside the head of the clients I work with to understand what it is that they really want. After a while it seemed to me indecision and frustration was setting in, so I sent him some very rough drawings of what I thought he had in mind. It seemed like I had gotten close, but no cigar. He decided to put the project on hold.

After some time had passed I decided to have our artist create a full color rendering of my idea of what they were looking for. It was exactly what they wanted. Then concerns arouse about what they were going to get in the end. After all they were dealing with a company 3K miles away and they had no idea if they were going to be happy or not.

Getting warm and fuzzy with the reception desk and supplier

We presented testimonial after testimonial from other clients that had the same initial concerns and were thrilled with the results. With that, they decided to take a chance and they gave us the order. We started building their reception desk and back files. They were not sure what finish to select for the furniture, insofar as we match all of our colors to client request. To insure we had it right, we sent several sample finishes out to CA for selection. After receiving the signed sample back the finish went on.

Despite having local and convenient options they were happy with the product and service. 

We were looking for a reception desk for our expanded facility. Looked at various outlets (new & old), nothing seem to quite fit. Came across 90 degree by chance. Were able to get custom design at reasonable price.  I was considering local suppliers until Bernie came in the picture, he does what it takes to keep you happy and was very helpful every step of the way.  THANKS Bernie, you are the best.

Date of Posting: 01 July 2015
Posted By: Gurjit 
Facility Organizer, Hayward, CA