Everyone Else Is Wrong

Marcello fell in love with our Indiana executive desk and wanted it for his law office. He wanted something modern and trendy. Sara opted in on the Columbus reception desk because she wanted something simplistic and modern for holistic medical practice. Barr wanted an outstanding completely customized conference table for his upscale car dealership, something that would impress visitors.

People don’t believe what you believe. They don’t know what you know or have what you have. Everyone has thoughts swirling around in their heads. Everyone thinks they are right. When it comes to making things better, most everyone wants it and have their version of what that means and how to get it for themselves.

As humans, what we have in common are things like: insecurity, loneliness, and a need to care about something. We have different ideas as to how to satisfy those needs.

As an office furniture provider, we have no idea what noise is swirling around in the heads and hearts of those in need of office design. For that reason, I am stumped at how anyone would proport to know in advance what works best for those in need.

It’s so much more productive to interact and create from a true value perspective.

Consider the predicament a DIY office designer that wants to redo the reception area of her office building. She finds out the price of a new reception desk is 5-10K or more, considering the size, bells, and whistles. She says, why would I pay that kind of money for a reception desk when I can use that money to take a vacation.

Conversely, it’s the designer that says himself, this is a bargain, I need consider the joy, status, compliments, and satisfaction I’m going to get out of the reception area makeover.

Everything that we have ever purchased, we thought of it as a bargain at the price we paid for it, otherwise, we would not have spent our dollars. Office design is no different. Some people are satisfied with what already exists, while others have a more succinct vision of fit, business function and presentation. When we look at what other are choosing from our lenses, they are definitely wrong.

It may be up to us whether to spend the dollars, however, it isn’t always up to us to determine the true value received. When we consider office design and the cost from only one perspective, there is a good chance we could miss a big component of the universal value perspective…getting it right for the long-term benefit of the company.