Discovering the Art of Designing the Perfect Modern Reception Desk for Your Business

Discovering the Art of Designing the Perfect Modern Reception Desk for Your Business

If you have a successful company with visiting customers, you have probably already discovered the advantage of setting rational expectations—one provided by a cool, modern reception area. If you haven’t yet done so, let me share some tips with you that I hope you’ll find helpful.

Most people are inspired, influenced, and make choices according to what they see. For others, it’s according to what they feel. A reception area that taps into both areas of inclination acts as a tone-setter. The feature presentation of any modern office reception area is your reception desk. Designing the perfect one for your business is an art, not a random exercise. So, how do you design the perfect one for you?

First impressions are not something to be taken lightly. They save you an awful lot of work: explaining, convincing, and demonstrating. A great first impression a key advantage for any mentally-artful business owner. Anything that saves time in getting your customers successfully from there to here is worth the investment.

Making the Adjustment from Visually Average

Artful modern reception desk

Anything that is visually average can’t get the attention of very many people. "Average" is something people see, feel, taste, smell, and touch—every day, all day. It usually takes something with a different size, shape, color, scent, etc. to make someone stop and take notice. Another effective approach is to trigger pleasant memories. Bakeries often entice customers with the smell of fresh-baked bread. Other establishments use music to affect mood changes.

One of the first attention-grabbers in any entryway—retail or office—is the design of your reception desk. If your design is above-average, chances are, it will be the first thing they notice.  Enhance reception-desk design using shape, construction material, style, color, and quality craftsmanship. It is essential to put the right elements together in the correct order of perception—and to make those elements relate to the communication you want your business to translate to the visiting world.

Elegant modern reception area

For a visual person, style is one of the first things they will notice. Maybe your business lifestyle is relatively conservative. The question your reception-desk design needs to answer is: which style desk can I select that will represent an upgrade from the average—and, at the same time, reflect a modern, yet conservative approach to my business? Businesses that require an image of safety and security might combine quality with a modern, understated visual approach. Conversely, a company that is more free-spirited, forward-thinking, and innovative might do well to select a reception-desk design that is a bit more design-radical.

Together with the intensity of design and style, color can affect the overall perception of the business. Color can be played with at both ends of the design palette. You can take a less-aggressive visual design and make it more or less trendy, simply by adjusting the color meter between bold and demure. Separately, bear in mind that color can function as a mental reminder of certain relatable things, e.g., fire-engine red, forest green, sunshine yellow, and seafoam. Using color strategically can help you set the tone for an effective initial presentation.

In addition to style and color, reception-desk materials can create effective, communicative results with regard to what your business has to say and offer. Most modern reception desks in the marketplace today are limited in their material offerings. Conversely, we at 90 Degree Office Concepts see the advantages material diversity can offer to businesses. Materials of different types can help to communicate ideas and help customers relate to various industries. Materials like glass (in an array of colors), exotic woods, acrylics, textured laminates, and metals of all types can add design interest while acting as a relatable element within your business category. Unique materials add an uncommon degree of interest and set your business apart from the average.

Chances are, all of the above mentioned reception-desk design details are going to be the first things your customers will notice visually, from afar. However, the closer your visitors get to your modern reception desk, the better they will be able to see quality details. Real quality is evident in the details, e.g., drawer-pulls, fit and form, trim, edge detailing, and hardware.

Though there are many things to consider in the design of the perfect modern reception desk, the ones mentioned here you must take into account when planning your reception area.

Like a well-prepared meal, an effective presentation gets your juices flowing.  An effective reception-area presentation can cause your customers to become mentally predisposed toward your business.

90 Degree Office Concepts has made a point of helping clients just like you to make the right statement for their businesses.