Design Questions You Need Answered Before Buying Office Furniture

Design Questions You Need Answered Before Buying Office Furniture

Here's How

With so many opportunities to buy modern office furniture out there, why should you select this one? I can give you seven fool-proof reasons inspired by companies just like yours.

Over the years we have listened to the concerns of thousands of company owners, designers and do-it-yourselfers looking to design a modern reception area, conference room or executive office. The takeaways for you are invaluable. Whatever your concerns, chances are they’ve been asked. Here we have listed seven most common.

What makes this list even more valuable than just one of concerns, are the tried and tested solutions that will shortcut hours of your research and possibly risk overlooked potential issues. The results contain the seeds of successful selections.

Designing an effective presentation of your company

Like the job of an effective headline (to entice the viewer to know more), the visual impact of your front office is the first most important communication tool your company can present to visitors. If you make a good presentation up front, you have their attention from the start. If you make a poor presentation up front, you are buried before you begin.

Like the job of a first line in the first paragraph, your conference room need to keep your audience engaged in your presentation. If they are still engaged, your desired outcome becomes easier. If you lose them, it will make your work harder.

Our purpose in being, is to help you present your business to your customers in a way that establishes trust, loyalty and a clear business identity. Helping you create a workplace presentation that visually separates you from the pack is why we exist.

7 Pain points that every office designer need get right

  1. Selecting a style that best presents your business

    Every style won’t match your business identity. Shorts, a tee shirt and flip flops may be comfortable for beach attire, but, don’t match up well for a black-tie affair. Likewise, the furniture you adorn your business with need be congruent with what your business need say about your company. Sending the right visual message is often a challenge.
    At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we make aligning style easy because we offer a wide variety of styles to choose from. With each style we offer a support team of professionals you need to customize your furniture to compliment your business message down to the last detail. We offer workable ideas, and from experience show you what works and what may flop.

  2. Trying to buy the furniture you need in a short time window

    Many of our clients leave important details for last when moving in or designing a new modern office. Quality home cooked meals are possibly the best approach to good nutrient and taste. However, leaving eating to the last minute will often limit your options to fast food. Likewise, short timelines for modern office design will leave seemingly the only option, ready-made furniture, massed produced for anyone, irrespective of your business presentation.
    Whereas custom office furniture in the marketplace can take 12-14 weeks or more, at 90 Degree Office Concepts, we offer speedy production times. In most cases, we turn around our furniture in 2-4 weeks. While allowing more time is always better, we try our best to match your schedule.

  3. Getting the size of your furniture right

    Let’s face it, office spaces come in all sizes, shapes and configurations. In addition, the way your business function is different from your competitor and may require; 1-2 or three receptionists, 2-22 attendees at meetings, or even getting the room scale right so the furniture doesn’t get lost in the room, or overpower it are all modern office design concerns. Making it fit just because it’s fast, cheap or easy is often not the best solution for your business.
    At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we know how important fit and function is to the way your business looks, feels in the space and works for the way you work. For that reason, we factor all your measurables into our recommendation for fit to make sure you get it right. We will build the perfect fit for all your needs.

  4. Getting the furniture to match your budget

    Some like it hot, others cold and still others in between. We call that the Goldilocks principal. Budgets are the same. Not everyone has the same funding to modernize their office. One strategy may be to spend light now and look at replacement in a year or two (as material hold up), while another strategy might be to buy your modern office furniture one time with the intent on having if last forever.
    At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we have adapted our business around building our designs with the best materials that fit your budget. This way you can get the look you want, and have it match your budget.

  5. Getting the perfect color to match your presentation

    Color is a very interesting and needed element of contemporary office design. It dictates the flavor of the company and reflects the presentation you make. Like the planet we live on, we have come to make color associations with foliage, sky and water, color make us feel like our associations. Using color elements to drive home our ideas is a presentation opportunity you won’t want to overlook. Settling for colors because it fits someone else production plan is not the best design approach for you.
    At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we recognize the importance color has in your contemporary office design. For that reason, we offer you the ability to match any color you wish by way of color laminates, acrylics, wood finish or lacquer finishes. With these options available, you can make the exact presentation “you” choose for your business.

  6. Getting the configuration to match the way your business works

    Few buyers of modern reception desks (for example) ever think about configuration a needed consideration. Configuration helps manage the “how” of your business function. Some businesses need complete privacy from customer visibility, while others relish the open communication opportunity that a lower profile reception desk offers. Some companies need internal storage or more surface space. The job of properly designed workplace is to support you in the way you work, not to support the builder, because they built it in advance.
    At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we build our furniture your way. We can help you match the furniture design to support the way your business functions by adding in the tools to make work convenient, easy and productive.

  7. Getting the best material for the visual and functional use of your furniture

    Few buyers ever think about or understand the relationship to materials and good modern office furniture. Furniture materials control everything from; how long your furniture will last, to how it will wear, to how it looks, feels and responds to its environment. Get it wrong and you will buy it again and again. Get it wrong and it will look cheesy. Get it right and you will have a lifetime enjoyment and praises. Because much of modern office furniture in the market today is built from particle board or lesser quality, you should ask yourself if your company deserves better?
    At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we work with a wide array of materials e.g.; wood, metals, glass, laminates and acrylics. In other words, we can help you nail the look that says it all for you. What’s more, we will not be just a pretty face, we will begin with top grade domestic materials and build your furniture from the inside out.

What happens after the buy?

With the purchase of ready-made office furniture, the furniture will show up at your door in a flat box filled with panels and parts to be assembled. After spending hours with assembly, you will hope you’ve got it right.
At 90 Degree Office Concepts, when your furniture is completed, it gets fully assembled and goes through a three-person inspection team, cleaned and photographed. Pictures are forwarded to you for approval. It is then custom crated and shipped fully assembled (where practical) to your dock. We call it plug and play, it’s that simple.

By this process you are assured of receiving quality furniture that has been tested for flaws and issues.

White glove service is available upon request.
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