Credibility is Essential to Brand Stability

Many companies are only concerned about how their brand looks on the surface and how they project themselves to their audience. Any company that has been in business for a while, however, knows that the surface will get scratched. Someone will say the wrong words to a customer who is already irritated, a product will be delivered to a customer that doesn’t meet expectations, or the service department won’t act quickly enough. When a scratch reveals a not-so-nice core, it makes recovery that much more difficult.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we believe branding doesn’t just exist in the marketing department. Rather, branding is everything a company is, from product quality to logo to office furniture quality and design.

When the workplace is designed thoughtfully, it demonstrates that the company has taken the time and care to plan a comfortable environment for its workers. When workers are cared for, the positive feelings transcend to customers and through to the products. When reception areas are done well, it demonstrates that visitors were considered in advance of their visit.

When the surface of a company is scratched, it reveals the integrity of the people behind the scenes. When customers visit, your reception area will reveal the quality, thought, and value that has been placed on their arrival. When outsiders attend meetings in your conference room, what they see and feel will tell a story of what lies beneath the surface of your company.

Branding can easily generate a bad reputation when attempting to manufacture perception. However, manufactured perceptions can’t successfully continue to pull off misrepresentations without a solid substructure. Brands that consistently stay at the top of the charts never risk what exists below the surface. They constantly seek to improve their substructure and glean away anything that puts their brand at risk.