Choosing the Best Modern Reception Desk for You — from All the Options Available

There are brown ones, black ones, big ones, small ones, cheap ones, and really costly ones. There are wooden ones and laminate ones, knocked-down ones and fully-assembled ones, free shipping and paid options. YIKES!!! What’s a buyer to do?

Some industries are overloaded with product availability and options to choose from. The office reception industry happens to be one of them. For the most part, it’s something that most businesses need if they are expecting visitors. After all, you can’t have people wandering around your business without direction.

So how do you select, from all the noise, a modern reception desk that’s perfect for you? It’s rather simple, and the challenge is more about finding it than anything else.

The answer is in the planning! Believe it or not, this is where most people get stuck. As a result, they make choices based upon things like price, looks, and ship time. While these are all very important to consider, are they the most important for your business?

Because there are so many things to consider, and because most people don’t have unlimited everything to work with, let’s start with the things that cannot change. Sometimes, there is a given amount of space we have to work with, and no more. Sometimes, there are only so many dollars in the budget. At other times, the business may have multiple users who need to work in a given area. Whatever the reason, there can be one or many things that cannot change. Make a list, and start from there.

Next, consider the things you need in order to make the business work well and “function.” What tools do you need to have for user(s) to be organized, prepared, and look professional? Here are a few examples: storage for files and daily use, cubbies for forms, and transaction areas for customers to sign papers, write checks, and receive outgoing documents. Other things to consider would include the following: does your business require privacy for the user and their exposed records, or does the business require an open, more communicative experience with visitors?

Moving on from function, what visual experience do you want your visitors to have with your business? Should it be modern and very trendy, or contemporary, yet conservative? Should it be colorful and fun, or should it be earthy and healthy? Maybe you want to portray a company that is innovative and techy. Whatever the idea, look, and feel you want your company to have, that’s the approach you want to incorporate into your design and style.

To accomplish all of the above, the components that tell a big part of the story are materials of choice. The material and colors you choose will reflect the image you want to communicate to your visitors. At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we feel there exists a balance between style, materials, and price. Lower-priced material often looks cheap, unless the design attribute is greater. Raise the design element, and you can communicate a richer look with fewer dollars. The problem is, many furniture manufacturers don’t put high design elements into lower-cost materials.

At 90 Degree Office Concepts, we can show you how to achieve the best balance with everything that’s important to your business—because we build what you need, not what we want to sell you.
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